Top Dirty Cop Endorses Biden.

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I love the smell of “quid pro quo” in the morning.  Birds of a feather need to stick together.  So-called “Republican,” James Comey, shows his true colors again–he ain’t a Republican, never was, and is a big time Democrat. Is this just a last ditch attempt to help get Biden elected and have all investigations into his cronies dropped in exchange for his endorsement? What a big ego Comey must have if he thinks his endorsement is still worth more than a square of toilet paper.  Quid pro quoers need to stick together though.

Remarkably, Biden refused his endorsement which means he either doesn’t remember the giant conman or doesn’t want anything to do with a guy that exposed Hillary a week before the 2016 election. Most likely the latter as he needs all the Hillary supporters he can get on board his campaign.  The establishment Dems are coming out in droves for ol’ Joe.  It’s like he got reborn after his big win.  But let’s be real.  Bernie wrote his own obituary when he came out praising Fidel Castro.  Some older followers cut and run to Biden.  The younger ones didn’t show up to vote and, viola, in staggers Biden not knowing what hit him. He won in states he’d never stepped foot in before, that he can remember. Also, Buttigieg and Klobuchar surprisingly dropped out and endorsed Biden before Super Thurs…Tuesday.

The lying press have given credit to one lone endorsement from Congressman, James Clyburn as the reason Biden won big.  The lying press gave sexism the reason Warren hasn’t won one state yet.  “America isn’t ready for a strong woman leader.”  Give me a break.  America isn’t ready for a woman who gamed the system by lying about her heritage to get where she is today.  We don’t need another crooked Hillary.

The media needs to stop reporting their opinions to the voters of America and start reporting the truth. Warren was an unlikable candidate. She was harsh, phony, strange, and had off putting arm waving.  Can’t the Dems find one “normal” woman to run for president?  As Dustin Hoffman said in Tootsie, “You want some gross caricature of a woman to prove some idiotic point like power makes a woman masculine or ugly. Shame on a woman that lets you do that. Shame on you!”  I guess they missed that movie.

Warren admitted to never washing her face with water and her “get me a beer” video “trying to be one of the guys” was so awful. She attracted a few feminists and self-loathing males to her campaign but that was it.  And poor Jill Biden who stands by her man.  She looks like a caregiver in a convalescent home for the aged.

Don’t be surprised if more and more Deep State members start coming out endorsing Biden.  They’re all fearful of A.G. Barr and want Biden to win to change the track the investigation train is on.  Notice how Obama still remains quiet?  He’s the puppetmaster though and has his cronies coming out in favor of Biden.  Then if Biden wins the primary, in slips Michelle if Biden’s health suddenly fails considerably.  It’s a win win for them.  Biden gets the sympathy of all America poor poor brave man and Michelle steps in smelling like a rose who gave up her personal life to serve her country in need.  This could all be orchestrated, and we’re falling for it. Very clever Obama.  But we’re on to you and your tricks.  Trump supporters aren’t going to buy it.  Not for a smidgen.

Warren just dropped out. Now she can change out of that black jumpsuit. Will she sell her soul and endorse Biden over her socialist mentor Bernie?  Knowing her, she’ll stab Bernie in the back to advance her own career possibly landing a place in the potential Biden Cabinet. Someone got to her overnight.  Obama, her hero, the puppet master.

Stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “Top Dirty Cop Endorses Biden.

  1. Great read! The fact Warren is even hesitating, leads me to believe she is looking out for the highest bidder. Establishment Joe, is exactly who she claims to he fighting against! Yet her comment about sexism and promising more to say on that later, leads me to believe she is warning Bernie of the back stabbing to come. I hope she is finally revealed as a complete fraud

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