Bernie Must Be Quivering in His “Free” Shoes.


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Last night’s results blew Bernie out of the water–only won four states versus eight for Biden! And none of the candidates that dropped out endorsed him? Bernie couldn’t beat a guy that can’t put two sentences together?  He must be really nervous this morning.  He now knows that America isn’t swallowing his Green New Deal and Medicare for All without a spoonful of honey. And it will take more than honey to get it down. They systematically rejected his socialist ideas all across the fruited plain except California which has gone fruity.

The Bernie Bros, as they call themselves, must be congregating in their basements to prepare for their revolution.  “You can’t fight city hall” as the old saying goes and Bernie can’t fight the Democrat elites.  They called Buttigieg and Klobuchar and asked them to circle around Biden’s wagon in exchange for a position in the cabinet no doubt.

Biden didn’t do great in the last debate.  He forced himself to be heard but it was nothing remarkable.  He just kept repeating, “I did that!”  Amy had to tell him he didn’t and brushed him off.  The moderators basically ignored him throughout the debate which in turn may have helped him score some votes.  But, seriously, can you imagine Biden meeting with heads of states and them brushing him off every time he speaks?  Not cool.

Trump’s slogan should be, “Just let Biden talk.”  All Trump needs to do is put together a commercial of Biden’s strange comments (not gaffes any longer) that airs frequently with the title, “Just Let Biden Talk.”  At this point Biden is his own worst enemy but the press and media will cover for him.  Even his wife covers for him by laughing off that he called her his sister.  It is getting weird.  Visiting Angels (not real angels) needs to make a housecall soon.

But the biggest loser on Super Tuesday was Pocahontas.  She came in fourth in most states.  Couldn’t even win her own state.  She has been exposed for who she really is: a con woman, a pathological liar, and a trash talker.  Oh and that’s what they accuse Trump of being. Amazing!  She’ll stay in the race because she has delusions of grandeur and some feminist goal to be the first woman president.  But she only cares about herself and is taking socialist votes from Bernie.  She’s also selfish.  If she would only change out of that black jumper or onesie under her jacket and stop saying selfies, she’d be better off.

Bloomberg decided to throw in the towel and has backed Biden, the man he recently said, “Trump will eat alive.”  Either Bloomberg changed his mind or is just trying to get on board with the elites or is trying to save face.

Big winner last night was Trump/Pence!  Four more years! 


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