Biden is Just “Being There.”


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Biden is like the gardener in the movie Being There played by Peter Sellers. He is mistaken for someone who is a deep thinker and happened to be in the right place at the right time. Sort of like Biden. Biden happens to be the last man standing and the Dems are circling his lone wagon. Boy, oh boy, are they ever.  He’s like the Second Coming now. It’s amazing how fast he got promoted.

BEING THERE: Middle-aged, simple-minded Chance lives in the townhouse of a wealthy old man in Washington, D.C.. He has spent his whole life tending the garden and has never left the property. Other than gardening, his knowledge is derived entirely from what he sees on television. When his benefactor dies, Chance naively tells the lawyers that he has no claim against the estate and is ordered to move out.

Chance wanders aimlessly, discovering the outside world for the first time. Passing by a TV shop, he sees himself captured by a camera in the shop window. Entranced, he steps backward off the sidewalk and is struck by a chauffeured car owned by elderly business mogul Ben Rand. In the car is Rand’s much younger wife Eve, who mishears “Chance, the gardener” in reply to the question who he is, as “Chauncey Gardiner.” Wikipedia.

The left is propping Biden up as their “useful idiot” much like they did to Chance in the movie.  He’ll do and say anything they tell him.  Whoever Biden’s VP is will be running the show together with his cabinet if he wins against Trump.  But not likely.  Trump sees through him and will “expose him for who he is” during the debates.

Biden is not up to the task of nurturing a garden let alone a country and the Dems should be ashamed for putting him in this position. The two candidates left are both unqualified for the POTUS position. One’s a socialist that wants to ruin the country and the other wants to run the country but is just Being There. Then that leaves us with Bloomberg which would be ironic if he won as he exemplifies everything they’ve accused Trump of being: egomaniac, rich, out of touch with people, no empathy, heartless, sexist, womanizer, and racist.  Chickens…are coming home to roost. Heehee.

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6 thoughts on “Biden is Just “Being There.”

  1. How did Biden win so many states? Did they not watch the debates? I guess the endorsements helped him but seriously they can’t be thinking about letting win. He needs to see a doctor. Ah I see. I smell a set up. We’re all being set up.


  2. Bernie is not a Democrat, he’s a Communist pure and simple. He is attempting to hijack the Democrat party as a vehicle for his evil agenda. The Democrats are, and should be livid. They are fighting to take back control of their party, and they should. You can call Democrats a lot of names, but I think Democrats advocating Communism are probably pretty darn rare. The youngsters supporting Bernie aren’t really Communists, they are poor dumb souls that have been brainwashed by corrupt college professors, and internet nonsense. The left leaning educational system has denied them of the knowledge of knowing the real difference between capitalism and communism. My hope is that this election cycle will rejuvenate the fight against socialism and highlight the horrors it brings to nations that embrace it.


  3. BTW, I loved the movie Being There, it was genius. Peter Sellers was never better. Was Diane Cannon in that movie? I always thought she was so funny, I loved her laugh. I saw her in LAX one day while waiting on my flight, it made my day.


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