Is “Coronavirus Fear” a Foreshadowing of Socialist America?


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Is this the world we’d be living in if a socialist (Bernie) or socialist-light (Biden) was running our country only to a smaller scale?  Stock market losses, empty stores, oil companies hurting, no air travel, patients treated in tents, people working from home, massive spread of germs, and massive deaths of seniors.  Is God giving us a taste of what it’s like to live in a socialist country?  He does work in mysterious ways. This could just be a foreboding of what’s to come if we’re not careful who we vote for.

I feel like the Democrats must be loving the stock market crash as it’s hurting the economy.  Anything to hurt Trump, they’re happy about.  This is their secret weapon to get Trump out.  But at what cost winning, losing America? And this all started in China.  Is China behind this spread of the virus?  Was it done in retaliation of the new tariffs?  I hope not.  All these thoughts and more swirl through my mind as I hear about companies hurting and more cases popping up.

I still think the media is hyping this virus to spread fear across America.  We do need to change our habits during this outbreak; but the fact is: 23 people have died, many patients have recovered, and many more didn’t know they had it.  About 600 folks across the nation have contracted it that we know of.  It runs its course and then you are not contagious any longer.  Conversely, 20,000 people have died from the flu this year and it barely makes a blip in the media.  I’m staying away from folks with the flu!

Both parties should come together to combat this virus rather than playing the blame game. It certainly isn’t Trump’s fault that the virus got here but that’s all you hear from the left. Trump doesn’t care about the people.  It’s called global travel and the Democrats love global travel. They are globalists.  They’re part of the problem they’re complaining about.  This is what they do.

They love going to Italy, France, and England. They love going to museums, outdoor cafes, and bus tours of the countryside. They love taking selfies in front of historical buildings and inside cathedrals. It’s in their blood. And they especially love going on cruises!  And now 200 more of them are going to be quarantined at Travis Air Force Base.  I hope their travels were worth the risk they took.

Why would you pay big bucks to sit on a cruise ship for two weeks when you could rent a cabin along a river in mountainous Montana for less money?  I don’t get it.  Sitting by a trickling river on a lounge chair with a fishing pole, bottle of wine, and picnic lunch OR sitting in a cabin on a huge ship with 3,000 strangers playing shuffleboard.  Mountain cabin vs, ship cabin? Fishing vs. shuffleboard? Mountain cabin wins in my book. Well, not necessarily the one in this picture.  Sort of Unabomber-ish. But I digress.

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What will the silver lining be if this epidemic fear endures much longer?  Companies starting to produce their products in the U.S.A. rather than in China.  Stores buying their products from the U.S.A. rather than China.  Increase in the job market by new industries producing products in the U.S.A. rather than China.  The U.S. travel industry will boom if people aren’t flying. The automobile and motorhome industry sales will boom if people aren’t flying. But the theatre business would suffer hurting Hollywood. That would be them getting their comeuppance. Ironically, they were all cow and climate shaming us, but now they have to worry about their careers.  That’s a good thing getting them off our backs.

Companies realizing that maybe they can have their employees work at least one day from home a week to reduce the carbon footprint.  People learning to cook at home rather than going out to eat all the time.  Fast food industry, which is basically unhealthy, will suffer but obesity will be a thing of the past.  South Americans will stop crossing our southern border illegally, making us no longer a magnet. That’s a good thing.  Some sort of public transportation will be invented that protects each passenger from germs. They can call it the “bubble train” or “bubble subway” each person sits in their own protected fresh air circulated environment. Democrats love science and inventions!

Hopefully this fear will all pass soon as it has people panicking.  We liked the way things were before this outbreak; but maybe in the long run, we could stand a few changes.  Maybe God was tired of seeing all the divisiveness from the Democrats. “Something had to give” as the saying goes. He wants the country to come together and all get along.  He wants fake news to go away and be replaced with the truth. Maybe He’s hoping the virus will snap us out of it.  I heard Gavin Newsom said something kind and true about Trump for once.  See, it’s working already.

If we are reduced to fighting over a bag of toilet paper rolls in a store, that’s not a good thing. That’s a socialist thing. After that there will be a run on the banks for cash.  A real sign of people losing it, mentally.

The FEAR of coronavirus is worse than the VIRUS. Let’s get past the fear and use common sense to avoid the virus and then get back to business as usual: draining the swamp and winning in 2020. Without the win, we’ll have a self fulfilling prophecy of socialism which the fear of coronavirus is foreshadowing.






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