Chicago Alderman Admits “They Were Trying to Prevent Trump From Success Prior to Election.”

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But he also said, “He’s tired of it.” He wants peace in his city. We’re being hoaxed by these liberal mayors and governors using “crossfire city chaos” across the nation prior to the election. Members of the Deep State are involved in this hoax too or at least cover for them. This is why they condone violence in their cities to prevent Trump from success, but it’s backfiring. Focus groups have voiced their negative opinions on the violence so the Dems are trying to change their strategy to blame the violence on Trump. Nice try. They had a week-long convention to denounce the violence, but not one virtual word was spoken about it. Too little too late, Dems.

Governor Cuomo threatened Trump’s life today by saying Trump is not welcome in New York City without an army to protect him. In the old days when one threatened a president like he and Madonna have, they’d be arrested. These days, not so much. The Democrats get away with murder. Can you even imagine if anyone said this to Obama? The Feds would be swarming in to arrest that person. Governor Cuomo is a failure in his state for allowing infected patients to reenter their nursing home rather than be isolated in the many facilities that Trump gave him. He’s trying to blame Trump, but it ain’t sticking. He is an Italian mobster. At least this Chicago Alderman is able to admit their shenanigans. Cuomo and his little macho misogynist brother on CNN won’t admit diddlysquat.

Biden is giving one of his word salad speeches and is breathing so hard behind his mask. Sounds like he’s about to faint. He’s gasping for air but too stupid to take off his mask. He even asks if he’s violating social distancing while alone on stage. Apparently only white guys can afford a lawyer, Biden implied. That’s a racist comment. He just cut down our Department of Justice saying they aren’t good for much. He wants minimum wage raised to $15 an hour. That will hurt small businesses and apprentice-type jobs, but since he’s never been an employer or ran or built anything, he knows nothing of what he speaks. Build Back Better is just Build Back Biden.

You need to have background experience in real life to be a good president not a lifetime bureaucrat. I just hope the people can see through Biden. He’s not what he’s trying to present himself as. He’s trying desperately to thread the needle between a radical and a moderate and it’s pretty hard to do. You can’t please both sides of your party. Pick one!

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Conversely, what you see with Trump is he’s been the most conservative president since Ronald Reagan. He doesn’t flip flop. Promises made, promises kept, and then some. This is why we are Better Off with Trump. We know what we’re getting. He’s a sure thing.



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