Why Are the Lies Mounting? “It’s the Economy, Stupid.”

Photo by Rebrand Cities on Pexels.com

The unemployment rate dropped to 8.4% today adding 1.4 million jobs last month.  The economy is coming back after covid shutdown and the left can’t stand it. What better way to distract from good news than to come up with a new scandal? Fastest labor market recovery in history. Auto sales surging as well as retail. Mortgage applications are up as well as construction. 

Biden can’t run against a good economy and the left knows it so more and more lies will be forthcoming from them.  Today’s whopper was instigated by an Obama sycophant writer saying he relied on “four unnamed sources”.  Sounds a lot like the whistle blower. Right? Sounds like he got his marching orders from Obama himself.  Well the story is about Trump saying he called fallen soldiers losers and suckers while in France.  It’s just a rerun of the old Gold Star family story from four years ago.  He had a despicable go at Trump at the Democrat convention and Trump hit back.

Trump loves the troops and the vets and would not say that, plus he denies it.  So where is this coming from?  It’s coming from the desperate lying left.  And Biden repeated it today linking it to his son Beau like it was planned ahead for him to comment on.  He actually said, “Beau’s not a sucker!” Biden acted all outraged over Trump’s fake news comment. He overacted like a kid in a play. Why are all Biden’s questions from the press pre-scripted?  Because he has to have his answers written down for him. Even then he blows it. He’s like a child actor with a stage mom coaching him from the side lines.

Yesterday in Biden’s speech in Kenosha to an empty church, where he had scripted questions given to the few in attendance, he began to talk about “taxing the rich” but then said, I’m not going to lay out for everyone now because they’ll shoot me.  The guy is so delusional it’s hard to pick on one comment he makes. “They’ll shoot me” is Biden’s way of trying to say that the GOP are the violent ones or white nationalists he claims Trump is.  He even brought up the old tired Charlottesville lie about Trump saying they are fine people.  If that’s all he’s got, he needs to go back to the well.  It’s all going to come down to race bating until the election.  That’s why Biden chose a half Black running mate. But it’s really the economy, stupid.

GOP are racists, the ones inciting violence, the ones destroying cities, I can hear them now. Biden won’t admit that his supporters have destroyed our cities so is trying to turn the tables onto us blaming Trump supporters. It’s shameless. It’s ANITFA and BLM that are killing, looting, burning, and destroying our cities! PERIOD.  No ifs, ands, or buts. But notice Biden won’t denounce BLM or Antifa, can’t even say their names because he donates to them.  ABC News on the radio was claiming that the executor of a Trump supporter killed him in self-defense. This is what we are up against. Lies, lies, and more lies. They will believe a known criminal over a nice Trump Supporter.

Biden is lying in a current commercial about his son’s Beau’s healthcare as he stole the line from Obama when talking about his dying mother. Insurance companies don’t drop you in the last few months of cancer and say “you’re on your own”. I’ve had two family members die of cancer around the same time as Biden and this didn’t happen. The lies are mounting but now they are putting them in commercials. Seems old Biden is playing the sympathy card to garner votes. That’s almost sick using the death of his son. They are pulling out all the stops.

A former mail carrier admitted today that when an election comes around some mail carriers would frequently do a “dump and run” of stacks of ballots in predominately GOP areas. It’s amazing we ever win elections. The Postal Union has already endorsed Biden, so do the math. We will get screwed even with absentee ballots. I also heard that harvesters will come to your home and ask for your ballot that was mailed to you unsolicited. We should not give them a ballot under any circumstances. I’d call the police on them.

The lies and scams are mounting but it will come down to the economy, stupid. And that’s why the politicized governors and mayors will not open up their states, cities, and schools. They want to keep the economy stagnant to hurt Trump’s success prior to the election. But despite all this, the economy is still coming back.

The Democrats will lie, cheat, and incite violence to win.


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