Gov. Sisolak Blames Trump for Allowing Him to Manage Covid in Nevada…

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rather than having the courage to control every state himself. Or something to that effect. Wow! We give these Democrat governors the chance to prove themselves and they fail, then blame Trump for allowing them to run their states. They actually asked to be able to handle their states themselves. They didn’t want the Federal Government making the rules for them. No good deed goes unpunished? It’s akin to a teenager begging his father to drive the car, then crashing it, then blaming his father for letting him drive it. These Democrat governors have proved that they don’t have the sense to be running their state or a local convenience store for that matter.

Why is it only Democrat states are floundering after the pandemic? Because they took a pandemic and decided to turn it political. Never let a crisis go to waste is their mantra as we learned from former Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanuel. Problem is, they took it too far as they usually do. Now the covid shutdowns have morphed, as the rioters have turned to starting wildfires and ambushing cops. There’s a reason Oregon and Washington are burning and it ain’t climate change. It’s students out of school, workers out of work, and anarchists gone wild all in an attempt to effect the next election. If we can’t own a home, we don’t want anyone else to own one so lets burn ’em. Similar to a psychopath.

Trump has taken off the gloves regarding having a go at Biden after he saw a despicable ad that Biden ran showing Trump standing over graves of soldiers and supposedly calling them losers and suckers. This never happened, but Biden is using it anyway. He has no scruples, yet he is the candidate who wants to restore the soul of America? In order to restore the soul of anything you have to possess it yourself and he has none. And his son Hunter didn’t fall far from the apple tree.

Biden is a modern day Wizard of Oz exposed. He has a man behind the curtain answering questions for him on a teleprompter. The curtain has been pulled back exposing Biden for what he is: a fraud. He’s always been a fraud. And they call Trump a conman. Projection again. Remember whatever they are guilty of, they will accuse Trump of.

It’s no wonder that the Republican run states are almost back to normal as they are not using a crisis to be political. They care about their economy and the residents of their states, unlike the Democrats. So now the ungrateful Democrats are resorting to blaming Trump for letting them manage their states? Just remember they were the ones in charge of their state and blew it.

Look at how Governor Cuomo has done, for example. He allowed DeBlasio to deface a New York City street in front of Trump Tower. He allowed the city stores and restaurants to be looted, burned, and shutdown permanently. He allowed rioters to run rampant in his city attacking innocent bystanders and defecating and urinating on the sidewalks. And he allowed thousands of infected patients to reenter nursing homes to infect others. Now the residents are fleeing to the suburbs for their safety and health but can’t sell their homes. And what does Cuomo do? He asks them to come back and he’ll take them to lunch. How will that even happen in a city where the restaurants are shutdown? He is an unconscionable disgrace.

Last, but not least, look how Governor Newsom has handled the covid crisis. He still has businesses, restaurants, and schools shutdown causing untold financial ruin and depression to families. He has allowed the “hate cop” rhetoric to inspire animals to ambush the police as well as politicized mayors in some of his cities like L.A. and S.F. Peace comes through strength and everyone knows it. Show strength not weakness.




Chicago Alderman Admits “They Were Trying to Prevent Trump From Success Prior to Election.”

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But he also said, “He’s tired of it.” He wants peace in his city. We’re being hoaxed by these liberal mayors and governors using “crossfire city chaos” across the nation prior to the election. Members of the Deep State are involved in this hoax too or at least cover for them. This is why they condone violence in their cities to prevent Trump from success, but it’s backfiring. Focus groups have voiced their negative opinions on the violence so the Dems are trying to change their strategy to blame the violence on Trump. Nice try. They had a week-long convention to denounce the violence, but not one virtual word was spoken about it. Too little too late, Dems.

Governor Cuomo threatened Trump’s life today by saying Trump is not welcome in New York City without an army to protect him. In the old days when one threatened a president like he and Madonna have, they’d be arrested. These days, not so much. The Democrats get away with murder. Can you even imagine if anyone said this to Obama? The Feds would be swarming in to arrest that person. Governor Cuomo is a failure in his state for allowing infected patients to reenter their nursing home rather than be isolated in the many facilities that Trump gave him. He’s trying to blame Trump, but it ain’t sticking. He is an Italian mobster. At least this Chicago Alderman is able to admit their shenanigans. Cuomo and his little macho misogynist brother on CNN won’t admit diddlysquat.

Biden is giving one of his word salad speeches and is breathing so hard behind his mask. Sounds like he’s about to faint. He’s gasping for air but too stupid to take off his mask. He even asks if he’s violating social distancing while alone on stage. Apparently only white guys can afford a lawyer, Biden implied. That’s a racist comment. He just cut down our Department of Justice saying they aren’t good for much. He wants minimum wage raised to $15 an hour. That will hurt small businesses and apprentice-type jobs, but since he’s never been an employer or ran or built anything, he knows nothing of what he speaks. Build Back Better is just Build Back Biden.

You need to have background experience in real life to be a good president not a lifetime bureaucrat. I just hope the people can see through Biden. He’s not what he’s trying to present himself as. He’s trying desperately to thread the needle between a radical and a moderate and it’s pretty hard to do. You can’t please both sides of your party. Pick one!

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Conversely, what you see with Trump is he’s been the most conservative president since Ronald Reagan. He doesn’t flip flop. Promises made, promises kept, and then some. This is why we are Better Off with Trump. We know what we’re getting. He’s a sure thing.


What is the Actual Count of U.S. Deaths From Covid-19?

Columbo: Master Problem Solver

“Excuse me, doc.  I have one more thing.  What was the cause of death?”

Who can we trust to give us the actual count of covid deaths?  If most deaths this year are being labeled Covid how will we ever know?  Deaths from the flu have gone way down.  Deaths from pneumonia have gone way down.  Deaths from cancer have gone down.  Deaths from heart disease have gone down. Why is that?  Is Covid curing other diseases?  Of course not.  Will all the bodies have to be exhumed to determine the true cause of death like in a mystery novel or a Columbo episode?

I think we’ve all been duped by the total numbers of cases and deaths from Covid.  Why?  Why put Covid down as cause of death if it isn’t?  Who’s telling doctors to do this?  Isn’t this against the oath they take? Is it the hospitals or the government?  It’s true the hospital gets paid more money from Medicare if it is a Covid death but that seems illegal.  Are hospitals and cities breaking the law?  Why aren’t they being called out for this?  Isn’t this insurance fraud?  If a private citizen pulled this off, they’d be handcuffed and perp walked.

Some patients are testing multiple times for covid and each time it comes up positive it gets marked down as a new case.  Unacceptable.

If the total number of deaths from Covid in the United States is 72,000, how many of those were just called Covid to meet some financial or political agenda?  The more deaths in the U.S. the more it hurts Trump.  Even Hillary spewed a snarky remark that Trump always said America was first, now he finally got it.  Is this the intent of the left to finally have a reason to criticize Trump? They failed at all their other attempts to bring down Trump, why not try another one? Someone dies from pneumonia–covid box is checked. Another dies from the flu–covid box.  An obese man dies from a heart attack–covid box.  An Alzheimer’s patient succumbs to his disease–covid box.  A car accident victim–covid box. Every nursing home patient that dies–covid box.

I am wondering if the true deaths from Covid are around 40,000 and that we’ve been hoodwinked.  But how will we ever know?  Two doctors came out on You Tube trying to expose this scam and were banned from You Tube the next day.  Mortuaries are claiming this is what is going on.  It bothers me that we don’t have an accurate count as it puts more fear in the millennials.  They only respond to science and numbers.  Fake numbers = fear mongering = extended shutdowns.

Ask yourself: Why did New York put Covid patients back into the rest homes rather than the empty temporary hospital building containing 2,000 hospital beds?  Why did New York allow homeless to move into the subways to contaminate essential workers? Why did two hospital CEO’s text comments about refusing ventilators to Republicans?  Why did Cuomo refuse to allow hydroxychloroquine be prescribed by doctors unless patients were hospitalized? Why did Chris Cuomo go to a gym in the Hamptons while he was in quarantine with the bat virus?  I think he didn’t care if it spread yet his older brother claims going without a mask could be murder.  Why did Nancy refuse to come back to congress to pass a stimulus bill?  I think to make the unemployment rolls go up, which they did.

This all could be part of another conspiracy by the Democrats against the Trump Administration. A last ditch attempt to take him out. Do they all go to secret DNC Meetings to come up with their next plan? Cuomo called New York ground zero for the disease that would spread to other states scaring the rest of America. Cuomo has been just about wrong on everything he has claimed; yet he’s the new darling of the left, and they accuse Trump of being wrong.  They elevate dunces and stifle talent.

I listened to Newsom do a presser for an hour praising mayors around California for the great job they’ve done on their cities. He caved on some of his restrictions due to protests.  He droned on and on about what a great job they’re doing and how judicious they’re being and the “new norm” and data and science they’re relying on and supplies they’re getting but not one mention of Trump and how much he has helped Newsom with every request.  It was disgraceful.   He’s right up there with Cuomo-two ungrateful partisans with political aspirations.  Cuomo was voted the most eligible bachelor in New York recently by some newspaper or magazine no doubt.  Sure, if you don’t value your life or like being talked down to. Go for it.  Maybe he can date AOC.

We need an investigation into the actual number of Covid-19 deaths otherwise known as the bat virus.  Polygraph each and every doctor that signed off on the death certificates or exhume the bodies.  This could be costly, but the Democrats have wasted millions of taxpayer money on hoaxes, it’s our turn. In the midst of an atmosphere of fake news daily how can we expect the truth from anyone now?  We can’t.  It has become the new norm.