Gov. Sisolak Blames Trump for Allowing Him to Manage Covid in Nevada…

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rather than having the courage to control every state himself. Or something to that effect. Wow! We give these Democrat governors the chance to prove themselves and they fail, then blame Trump for allowing them to run their states. They actually asked to be able to handle their states themselves. They didn’t want the Federal Government making the rules for them. No good deed goes unpunished? It’s akin to a teenager begging his father to drive the car, then crashing it, then blaming his father for letting him drive it. These Democrat governors have proved that they don’t have the sense to be running their state or a local convenience store for that matter.

Why is it only Democrat states are floundering after the pandemic? Because they took a pandemic and decided to turn it political. Never let a crisis go to waste is their mantra as we learned from former Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanuel. Problem is, they took it too far as they usually do. Now the covid shutdowns have morphed, as the rioters have turned to starting wildfires and ambushing cops. There’s a reason Oregon and Washington are burning and it ain’t climate change. It’s students out of school, workers out of work, and anarchists gone wild all in an attempt to effect the next election. If we can’t own a home, we don’t want anyone else to own one so lets burn ’em. Similar to a psychopath.

Trump has taken off the gloves regarding having a go at Biden after he saw a despicable ad that Biden ran showing Trump standing over graves of soldiers and supposedly calling them losers and suckers. This never happened, but Biden is using it anyway. He has no scruples, yet he is the candidate who wants to restore the soul of America? In order to restore the soul of anything you have to possess it yourself and he has none. And his son Hunter didn’t fall far from the apple tree.

Biden is a modern day Wizard of Oz exposed. He has a man behind the curtain answering questions for him on a teleprompter. The curtain has been pulled back exposing Biden for what he is: a fraud. He’s always been a fraud. And they call Trump a conman. Projection again. Remember whatever they are guilty of, they will accuse Trump of.

It’s no wonder that the Republican run states are almost back to normal as they are not using a crisis to be political. They care about their economy and the residents of their states, unlike the Democrats. So now the ungrateful Democrats are resorting to blaming Trump for letting them manage their states? Just remember they were the ones in charge of their state and blew it.

Look at how Governor Cuomo has done, for example. He allowed DeBlasio to deface a New York City street in front of Trump Tower. He allowed the city stores and restaurants to be looted, burned, and shutdown permanently. He allowed rioters to run rampant in his city attacking innocent bystanders and defecating and urinating on the sidewalks. And he allowed thousands of infected patients to reenter nursing homes to infect others. Now the residents are fleeing to the suburbs for their safety and health but can’t sell their homes. And what does Cuomo do? He asks them to come back and he’ll take them to lunch. How will that even happen in a city where the restaurants are shutdown? He is an unconscionable disgrace.

Last, but not least, look how Governor Newsom has handled the covid crisis. He still has businesses, restaurants, and schools shutdown causing untold financial ruin and depression to families. He has allowed the “hate cop” rhetoric to inspire animals to ambush the police as well as politicized mayors in some of his cities like L.A. and S.F. Peace comes through strength and everyone knows it. Show strength not weakness.




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