Lightening, Arson, Gender Reveals, Car Backfires, and Campfires Are Not Climate Change…

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like Governor Newsom is claiming. Lightening is a common weather phenomenon and the rest of the causes of our wildfires in California can be attributed to carelessness and lawlessness. PERIOD. Newsom and the previous California governors have let the Sierra Club run the forests in California. They won’t allow dead or diseased trees to be removed, underbrush cleared, controlled burns, commercial logging, or forests to be thinned. It is called poor forest management.

As I drive through California to Nevada twice a month there is a clear difference between the California forests and Nevada forests. The California side has dried out pines in need of removal as well as burnt trees from a previous wildfire. It is a tinderbox waiting to explode. We look like we have a lazy state that doesn’t clean up after devastation.

The Nevada forest is green as far as the eye can see, evidence of a different forest management. And if it is about the cost of forest maintenance, ironically Nevada has no state tax and property taxes are much lower. California is wasting our high taxes on nonsense.

Arson is being committed by the radical left in Oregon and Washington after they got bored of burning their own cities. Newsom should be ashamed of himself for blaming all these wildfires on climate change. The climate is not that different from previous years but 40 years of letting our forest go without maintenance is finally coming back to haunt us. The chickens are coming home to roost, as they say. We are getting what we deserve.

Environmentalists and the liberal politicians will be the downfall of California. Climate change is a convenient excuse but not the real problem. Liberal pie-in-the-sky ideas, greed, and special interest groups are the cause and well as endangered species acts. I’m sure Newsom and our California Senators get huge donations from the Sierra Club and owe them as well as previous governors like Jerry Brown. If they had worked with the electric company to put equipment underground, half of these fires from wind would never have occurred, but they really don’t care. Now they go around cutting limbs from trees close to the power lines but they’ll grow back. Heaven forbid they remove the trees or relocate the power lines underground. Of course not, the homeowners would be up in arms having a tree removed and the electric company will say putting equipment underground is too costly.

And whatever happened to the drought that California is always ballyhooing about? It’s clear to me that a hillside of grapevines requires a lot of water, yet all I can see for miles are vineyards after grapevines and grazing cows and sheep that keep our hillsides clear of dry grass are becoming a thing of the past. This could be another one of their problems, allowing the elite to purchase farms to be replaced with wineries so they can have a bottle of wine with their name on it.

Everything the rich liberals want, they get; and it’s ruining California from the coast all the way to the Nevada state line and Mexican border up to the Oregon border. They want huge houses with massive garages for their expensive auto collections. They want huge lawns, lush landscaping, infinity pools, and gated properties. As long as they are safe in their surroundings and give generously to endangered species and sierra club, they could care less about a forest fire in remote Berry Creek or riots in L.A. or schools and businesses being shutdown to impact the election or cops being gunned down in Compton. They are safe, rich, and guilt free and that’s all that matters to them.

Average Californians are depressed and hurting due to the shutdown of schools and businesses. I know many of them. One said yesterday, “It can’t get any worse around here.” Other states are getting their economy back to normal while California is floundering. The folks won’t be able to endure this much longer. Newsom needs to reopen his schools and businesses and allow them to be responsible for their own health according to the national guidelines. Children need to get back in school as it is bordering on child abuse to keep them home. I feel it is abusive to adults keeping them home from their jobs too. Newsom needs to wake up and stop being political for once in his life. Remember, the cure for covid should not be worse than the disease itself, and it’s becoming that.

Climate change is the least of our problems if we continue down this road of destruction of our state from rioters, wildfires, and shutdowns. Open up California! Maintain your forests, put your power lines underground, and stop allowing cattle and diary ranches to turn into water-guzzling vineyards. Put in a few more dams and stop building homes close to nature. Let people get back to work and school. Idle hands are a devil’s workshop. Keep the radical college kids in college. Maybe they’ll grow up by the time they graduate and get a real job. This will eliminate some of our current protesters/rioters in our cities.



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