Biden Blames “Climate Change” on Trump.

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He calls Trump a Climate Arsonist and that we’ll have four years of wildfires if Trump is reelected. That’s a low blow after Biden was VP for eight years and did little to help with the wildfires in California. He also claimed Trump held back disaster relief which is a complete lie as he gave Newsom federal money in August. When will Biden stop lying? Probably never. I love the way the limousine liberals always get on their high horses and are quick to blame any disaster on climate change while they travel in their private air-polluting jets and limos and live in their 20,000 square foot electricity-energized homes. When they revert to a completely off the grid home and a solar or water powered auto, then they can talk.

Forty years of mismanagement of the forests is a tinderbox waiting to explode after a BLM arsonist, windstorm, gender reveal, or lightening hits. Biden’s answer to everything is to place blame on someone else. What kind of a leader would he be? Obama was like this too. He spent eight years blaming Bush for his lackluster economy; then when Trump brought it back, he took credit for it.

It’s amazing how incompetent the Democrats are. What has a Democrat really done for our country? What can they be proud of? Social justice issues? Same sex marriage. Transgender bathrooms. Transgender sex changes in the military. Kneeling at football games. Planned Parenthood. Black Lives Matter. Defunding police. ISIS terror attacks. Threats from North Korea. Strict regulations of the auto industry hurting sales. High gasoline prices. Climate change accords. Lenient courts. Lenient prosecutors. Activist supreme court picks. High taxes. Government spying. Global warming studies. Government junkets. Government grants to unnecessary studies. Bribes to enemies. Coddling our enemies. Stock market slumps. Radical teachings in our schools. Hate for the opposite party. Political correctness. Revisionist history. Elimination of “Under God” from the pledge. Disrespect for our country and flag. Disrespect for police. Racism and divisiveness. Same sex studies in school. Disrespect for law and order. Merry Christmas being politically incorrect. Wow, they have accomplished a lot.

When we were young, we never had to be told to respect the police and obey their orders. It was common knowledge from how we were raised and how our parents treated the police. We do what we see. And we raised our children the same way. Schools taught children respect for police, firefighters, the president, and the law at a young age too. Not so sure this is being taught in today’s teachings in home or at school. Otherwise 20 somethings wouldn’t be coming out of high school ready to fight the police and their government. We also took Driver Training Class which also taught respect for the laws of the road and police. Not so sure this is being taught in today’s teachings.

Schools of today are more interested in teaching diversity, racism, sex education, gay studies, women’s lib, climate change, hate of country, and revisionist history. Whatever happened to the three R’s? They aren’t even teaching cursive handwriting so these grads have no signature. Obviously today’s school curriculum needs to be reevaluated as it is hurting our youth. The books and curriculum need to be reevaluated and approved by parents not the schools. Parents need to know what these schools are teaching our youth.

When did all this brainwashing of our children begin? I suspect with Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth (Lie) movie which was forced on our college campuses for the kids to watch. Another Democrat accomplishment. The students of that time are grown up now and teaching the kids of today. They have a skewed view of the country. They fell lock, stock, and barrel for Global Warming and nothing can change their minds now. But they are influencing the children of today. Of course, they had to change the name to Climate Change because we had a couple of really cold years.

Now after all these years, Biden is jumping on the CC bandwagon and has to blame Trump for wildfires since climate change is not on the top of Trump’s promise list. Most people with a brain discovered that the weather models and statistics were being fudged by the scientists, which were getting huge grants from the Obama Administration, to meet his objective so we have to take climate change with a grain of salt now. Climate change has become nothing more than a political football just like covid has become. The Democrats are infamous for turning a disease or weather pattern into a political football.

As a lifetime resident of the Bay Area I can remember as a child, before air conditioning, suffering from a week of high temperatures over 105 degrees most summers. Not every year gets a heatwave but most years do. The news of today acts like this is the first time we’ve ever had a heatwave. We used to call it Indian Summer. It even had a name. I guess they abolished that name due to political correctness. But it’s still there. Why was air conditioning even invented if we didn’t have heatwaves? The invention itself is proof positive that we’ve always had heatwaves. Wildfires aren’t proof positive of climate change, however, just proof of too much fuel in the mountainous areas of California. Science says the more trees the better to help with air pollution but not when they’re burning. Now every home in California is built with an air conditioning unit or a swimming pool. And, ironically, maybe the air conditioners and pools are contributing to our energy outages. Unintended consequences much?

Trump is not a climate arsonist or denier, just a realist like most of us. But Biden is a foul-mouthed, lifetime “do-nothing” that plays dirty politics.


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