“Trump’s Statesmanship and Tireless Efforts Have Brought us Here Today to Make Peace a Reality,”…

Photo by David Peterson on Pexels.com

says Bahrain Foreign Affairs Minister today at the White House. This is an historic day for America. First time since 1978 a treaty of PEACE agreement has been signed by the Middle East. Jimmy Carter ought to have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize as early as 1978 when he successfully mediated a peace agreement between Egypt and Israel, but they gave it to him in 2002 for his efforts to stop the war in Iraq.

Congratulations Trump! You won’t hear it from the left media. Israel, UAE, and Bahrain came to sign this PEACE Agreement that the Trump Administration mediated.

Ask yourself why is it that leaders in the Middle East speak more favorably and complimentary about our President than our own media in the United States? Jealousy. If Trump can be behind two PEACE Agreements in the Middle East and up for two Nobel PEACE Prizes, he must be doing something right! Eat your hearts out CNN and MSNBC.

Eat your hearts out O’Biden. They must be collectively drowning in their tears today.



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