Trump Seeks “Peace Through Truth,”…

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says former US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley. Rather than bribing, fooling, lying, bombing, ignoring, intimidating countries to achieve peace, Trump has been upfront and honest with them. Those are two words that we usually don’t associate with Trump, if we believed the left media. He is able to level with them and get to the bottom of what they really want and need. It’s the art of the deal. Usually it is prosperity and peace for their people. He knows this is Israel’s goal and has been for fifty years. Crazy Pelosi called his remarkable accomplishment a distraction from covid. Schumer said, he’ll have to read the details of the agreement first. Jealousy much!

Nikki says, Biden is a pushover and China and Iran will want him to be president so they can pull the wool over our eyes again like they did to Obama. It’s pretty simple. We will become dependent on the Middle East again for oil. If Trump wins we will keep peace, if Biden wins we’ll be owned by our enemies and our people will eventually want out. That will lead to another war.

Trump is the peace president as well as the law and order president. Biden is an empty vessel that will do whatever his handlers tell him to do, depending on the day. I assume Bernie and Warren will have a big say in what he does as well as Kamala. Kamala is in a tough spot. She thought she’d get the Black vote hands down, but she has to earn it. She also thought she’d get the women’s vote hands down but will have to earn it. Anyone that laughs when they’re asked a serious question is showing her cards that she’s not honest. Anyone that has to think about her answer before she speaks is usually not going to tell the truth. According to Judge Judy, If you’re telling the truth, you don’t have to think about your answer.

Yesterday Biden sat at a table with his ridiculous off-putting mask on when no one was around him with pre-screened questions on paper in front of him that he answered with prepared answers. Most of his answers droned on and on like he’d been practicing for this session. This is why he disappears for two days, is to practice. Just like Hillary used to do. It’s in the Democrat playbook.

Biden is a phony. Earlier that day he came up to a podium and played a Hispanic song and sort of swayed to it. It was creepy. Reminded me of a great grandpa dancing at a wedding for his great granddaughter. He was pandering. During this prompter-fed speech, he claims Trump hasn’t denounced violence of right wing radicals in cities. This is not who is committing the violence. It’s Antifa and BLM but Biden is trying to place blame on Trump supporters. Nice try Biden, but we have eyes and can read their tee shirts.

During his sit down session, he touched his face hundreds of times and his ears. He is obsessed with his ears, even putting his finger in his ear and twisting it. Trump is right. He’s using the mask to hide behind as a security blanket. If Trump ever behaved with these mannerisms, he would be mocked incessantly by the media. But not Biden, as they cover for him. He cupped the head of his mic and brought it close to his mouth and breathed on it like a porn star. It was disgusting to watch. The guy has some strange habits we were never allowed to witness while he was VP. He hasn’t been able to sniff a woman or child’s hair in months and it’s getting to him. Obama kept him in the basement for eight years for good reason. He’s what we used to call a lecher.

On another note, eight more domestic terrorists or members of BLM were captured in Portland, Oregon, all coming from privileged backgrounds. What does this tell us? They are hypocrites. They pretend to be fighting for the underclass and minorities yet they are the epitome of spoiled rich kids that never had to work. Disgusting. This is the result again of poor upbringing and schooling. Something needs to change in our schools.

Stay tuned.


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