“Pursuit of Unhappiness” is the Left’s New Playbook.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com


Unlike the movie Pursuit of Happyness, the Democrats are trying to make Americans feel unhappy as they possibly can prior to election day. From the fear of violence in our streets, to the fear of covid in our schools, to the fear of existential climate change, to the fear of wildfires, to the closings of our eating establishments, to the incessant rules enforced by stores, and to refusing to write Trump on a cake, it’s no wonder we cringe whenever we awake each morning to pursue another day in search of the elusive happiness we once had.

Yesterday, just trying to go to my local nursery, I was wearing my face shield when entering the front door. The manager yelled at me, “Ma’am, you can’t wear that in here. It’s not an acceptable form of mask.” I gave him a raspberry and returned to my car to get a scarf. The store was empty and nurseries are outside. The guy was out of his mind, but I didn’t have time to debate with this jerk. These store owners or managers are out of control, and they all have different rules. I’d been wearing this mask shield for weeks with no other complaint. I can’t wait until all these rules end and we can walk into a store without arrows on the floor, some inspector checking our masks, and some asshole customer or clerk telling us we’re doing it wrong. Can’t wait.

The Democrats are trying their best to make us all unhappy so we’ll go vote Trump out of office. They are giving us a collective feeling of general malaise caused by their actions. In the movie Pursuit of Happyness, which was loosely based on a true story, a poor Black man and his son were trying to live in San Francisco while he trained to be a stockbroker and sold bone density machines in his spare time. Unlike what’s going on in today’s society, this movie wasn’t about discrimination, it was about determination to make something of himself in his pursuit of happiness and the American Dream.

Pursuit of Happyness was a feel good movie as the protagonist never complained about his poverty or his race or protested in the streets, he just got up everyday and went to his training class, some days even after sleeping the night in a public restroom with his son. He was literally homeless. But he was a hard worker, respectful to his future employer, a good father, and never played the goddamn race card. And in the end, they selected him for the job, not because of his color or his gender or for being heterosexual, but because he studied and ace’d the final exam. Loved the ending. Wish Hollywood could make more movies like this. These days if the protagonist isn’t gay, transgender, radical, pedophile, hooker, drug attack, or feminist, the screenplay gets tossed into the round file.

Why can’t the Blacks of today watch this movie and learn something from it? It should be required viewing in school rather than The Inconvenient Truth. This movie had more subtle morals to it than most books or nursery rhymes they make the kids read these days.

My point is, life will get back to normal after the election when the liberals, progressives, socialists, Marxists, Democrats or whatever the ef they call themselves finally realize that Trump is here to stay. Then when we get some indictments on the former Obama Administration for spying on the Trump Campaign that will shut the skeptical left up permanently, even the loonies in Hollywood like Debra Messy and Bette Midriff. Then we can pursue our normal days of happiness like we used to. Make America Happy Again.



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