Would You Hire Biden to Run a Mini-Mart, Gas Station, or Starbucks?

Mini Mart Convenient Store | Lucky89 Border Casino

OF COURSE NOT! Unless you are deaf and blind. Yet you are considering him to run our country?! Get real!

Let’s call a spade a spade. Biden is incapable of running anything. He probably can’t put his clean underwater in his dresser drawer when his wife asks him. He leaves the burner on at the stove. He forgets to turn off the kitchen faucet. And he can’t remember anyone’s name. He has the capabilities of a three year old right now. And you want him to deal with leaders of other countries? Sure he can memorize short dialog, so can a parrot and a three year old. He has dementia! He wears a hidden speaker in his ear for most of his answers. He cheats and America is falling for it. Don’t be a fool.

The questions Biden was given by the audience in his townhall were disgusting. One woman asks, “How will you handle Russia’s involvement with Trump in the last election and the many ways he’s compromised the United States?” Are you kidding me? This question passes their screeners? Trump DID NOT COLLUDE WITH RUSSIA, PERIOD. When will these numbskulls stop repeating this lie? Trump on the other hand gets a question from a Black woman, “Why did you downplay the coronavirus that kills mostly African Americans?” These tv stations should be ashamed of themselves for trying to sway their audiences against Trump. Not one question regarding Trump’s recent peace agreements or eliminating the threat of ISIS and North Korea. Only questions regarding covid deaths. Covid was a novel virus and we all had to learn from the onset even the CDC, Fauci, and WHO. Trump took the advice from them even though it wasn’t always right.

Biden is a walking hazard at this point. This is why his wife laughs whenever she talks to him. It’s a nervous laugh as she is scared to death at what will come out of his mouth. What the heck did he say in one rambling filibuster a quartermaster working in the second floor lingerie department? What? His mind is jumbled and his word salads are getting worse. Corn pop? Blond hairy legs? Loves kids sitting on his lap? They used to rub my legs? Dog-faced pony soldier? Turn the phonograph on at night. Cutting coupons for the stock market. I’d like a few of those stock coupons.

His recent playing of a Hispanic song when lyrics translated talks about smelling women’s necks and kissing them all over and hearing them moan. It is Biden’s playbook. No wonder he got that lecherous expression on his face. ICK!

Biden seems to be jumping on the coronavirus bandwagon and blaming every death on Trump. It’s not only ridiculous but ungrateful for all that Trump accomplished in a short time. Trump saved lives while Cuomo caused deaths in his state. The governors asked to handle their states and now when they failed want to blame Trump. It’s just another one of their lies. It’s also a known fact that hospital administrations are asking doctors to label any cause of death “Covid” to increase the total number of deaths to hurt Trump and fleece Medicare Insurance. It’s another scam. They love when seniors come into the ER as it’s a windfall for their hospital. Total number of deaths by just covid, I suspect, is in the 40,000 range much like a bad flu. They politicized Covid from the onset to hurt Trump. It is another hoax, but Trump can’t say it as the media will jump all over him.

As God works in mysterious ways, I also suspect the wildfires, smoky air, and hurricanes are killing the covid virus, and it will soon disappear like Trump predicted. All viruses disappear at some point. We may not even need a vaccine. But we do need to rid China of all their testing labs. Maybe bomb ’em. They sent a killer virus to every country and have not apologized yet.

So when you are going to the polling booth and ready to click on the candidate of your choice, ask yourself, “Would I hire Biden to run my shoe store, restaurant, or hair salon?” If the answer is “no” you must vote for Trump. Personally, I wouldn’t hire Biden to load my groceries in a bag.

Running a country is the most difficult job in the world! And Trump has done an exemplary job. Don’t leave the job to a three year old.

Photo by Gustavo Fring on Pexels.com

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