Let’s Get Something Else Straight Re: Unsolicited Ballots.

Photo by Element5 Digital on Pexels.com

They are not absentee ballots that require proof of ID. I love the way the media and Biden are conflating them to be one and the same. They aren’t! They are random ballots sent to random addresses across the nation and there’s no control over who will get one, making them rife for crime. They can even be sold to the highest bidder. Why? Because Democrats cheat. Simple as that.

Look at all the Democrats rioting that don’t care if they get caught. Do you think they will care about a little voter fraud? Certainly not. They get released from jail the next day. They burn down buildings and have already proven to be lawless. As past is prologue, they can’t be trusted. The honor system does not apply to Democrats. Look at Hillary, Comey, Mueller and his team. How honest have they been? Not so much. They set the stage for dishonesty. Democrats get away with murder while Conservatives go to jail for jaywalking.

Blue States like California have been known to fill in silly names, pet names, cartoon character names, dead people’s names, and the post office workers have been known to do a dump and run of ballots in GOP areas. We just saw a postman get caught on video jumping out of his truck and ripping a “Trump” lawn sign out of the ground. And we can expect them to handle our ballots honestly? I…don’t…think… so. Some precincts will hide a box of ballots showing up from GOP areas. Even Jerry Nadler said mail in ballots are rife for fraud. There’s just too much chance for fraud and/or error and everyone knows it. Let’s stop playing dumb. Trump is just being honest enough to call it out.

For those politicians and media who can’t admit it, shame on you (Chris Wallace.) We’re not stupid and know what you’re up to. Hope Trump wins in the courts to eliminate unsolicited ballots from being counted. If we can go to a grocery store, gas station, liquor store, casino, rally, or riot safely, we can go vote in person. Get over yourselves snowflakes. You’ll live.

And to Biden, he is getting away with murder saying Trump called soldiers suckers and losers and is now adding he called John McCain a sucker. This is all made up junk by a magazine purchased by Steve Jobs’ widow. She must be a big time feminist. You don’t hear this stuff on television. And Lyin’ Biden is using his deceased children for a sympathy vote in his ads. He is lower than low. There’s not a word invented for how low he is.

He says Trump never mentioned the China virus in his State of the Union Address. As a matter of fact, he did and it hadn’t even hit America yet. So Biden is a big fat liar and everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. And he disgustingly coughs while giving a speech. This president should step down, Biden says trying to sound like a tough guy.

Billionaires like Steyer are supporting Biden and controlling him, yet he is trying to compare himself to the working class. He is trying to steal Trump’s thunder. He says his campaign is about Stranton, Pennsylvania versus Park Avenue. Guess what? Park Avenue is made up of rich elitist Democrats like Biden so Biden is running against the working class. Biden talks about apprentice jobs like they are a new idea but wants the minimum wage to be $15 an hour. Apprentice jobs don’t pay that much. He says Buy American and Hire American stealing a line right from Trump’s playbook. Biden will send jobs to China like he did four years ago. Why? Because he’s beholden to China.

Another stupid comment he makes is there will be 215,000 more deaths from covid by next year! Apparently he is a scientist now too. And Trump never promised an infrastructure plan in 2016. He promised to eliminate ISIS and make peace in the world. Biden is a lying jerk when he says Trump keeps promising an infrastructure plan. He can’t get any plans through the House with crazy Nancy there and he knows it. He can’t even get another stimulus plan approved in the House to go to those out of work due to Democrat governors, not covid, just Democrat governors.

Biden admits in his speech that he learned to read a blueprint today. After 47 years of being in government, he never read a set of blueprints until now? No wonder he couldn’t approve the plan to take out Bin Laden, he couldn’t read the location map. He never had any plans to read even in his personal life? This guy has no experience. As a former draftsman and designer of all kinds of plans from civil to architectural to landscape to electrical, it offends me to think this guy is that stupid and has the gall to run for president with a slogan Build Back Better. Again trying to steal the thunder from a real builder.

He also said something about being the first candidate running for president without an ivy league university degree. I’m quite sure Trump doesn’t have an ivy league degree and there’s no way Biden is the first with a State College Degree. Some presidents never even attended college. Again, he is trying to pander to the average person, not millionaires. But billionaires are running his campaign. Biden is a chronic liar and makes shit up to pander to whatever audience is listening to him. And if I have to hear him say, “Joey, a job is more than a paycheck; it’s about dignity” one more time, I will throw up. Come on, man. Get some new material.

Bottom line is: Biden is so green with envy of Trump’s success, it’s oozing out of his itchy ears so he has to dismiss all of Trump’s talent and genius. His platform is simply “Blame Trump” and nothing more.

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Rest in Peace Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Trump will nominate your replacement as he predicted there would be several new openings and was prepared. Unlike goofy Biden who has promised Obama a place in the Supreme Court.

After what the left did to Kavanaugh, we’re prepared for about anything. But we won’t be threatened into not naming a replacement. We have the votes in the Senate and Trump has only had one term. Totally different scenario than when Obama was on his way out and didn’t have the votes in the Senate. So stop the comparisons, media. We get it. But we won’t fall for it.

Rest in Peace.


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