Fill The Seat ASAP!

Meet all of the sitting Supreme Court justices ahead of the new term - ABC  News

The passing of Ruth Bader Ginsberg was a gift to Trump and the country whether she knows it or not. May she rest in peace. This may be our last chance to secure a constitutional conservative in the Supreme Court if we lose the Senate in November even if Trump wins the presidency. There are some Independent voters who like the checks and balances and may vote against Republican Senators while voting for Trump or vice versa. We can’t take this chance. We need to get one more justice nominated and approved prior to election day.

The importance of a conservative Supreme Court has never been more critical than now. We have an abundance of radical lower courts, radical prosecutors, radical mayors, radical governors, radical educators, radical election system, radical congress, and a rogue FBI that may need to be overruled by the Supreme Court at some point. Especially during this election year that stands to be hijacked by the left with “mail in ballots” pretending to be a deterrent to catching covid.

Ignore the crazy left’s threats. They have no constitutional ground to stand on. “ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES,” as Obama said. Trump is the President and the Republicans have control of the Senate now. They can claim Ruth Bader Ginsberg was a martyr, an icon, and saint all they want. We don’t have to listen to her wishes. The fact is, she made some nasty political comments about Trump when he won and that is conduct unbecoming of a Supreme Court Justice. And she never ruled according to the Constitution just her political agenda. There’s a reason Bill Clinton appointed her. She was radical and admittedly proud of it. If Ruth was loyal to her Jewish roots, she should have honored Trump after making two peace agreements in the Middle East rather than putting her ideology over her country and religion.

So Trump should appoint someone, most likely a woman, and soon. The Democrats hate conservative women more than men, so be prepared for a battle of our lives to get her approved. Romney, Collins, and Murkowski will most likely not vote for her. They are really Democrats, flies in the ointment, Judases so that’s to be expected. The left will tear her limb from limb making her out to be a whore by the time they are finished with her. This is what they do. They’ll drag out some guy that supposedly had an affair with her in the courtroom bathroom or some guy she hurt in high school or some other nonsense like they did with Kavanaugh. This is their playbook. But it won’t be true. Not one shred of truth. Wait for it.

The mob will continue their burning of cities and life goes on. We just need to vote all Dems out of office before the rest of our nation is burned down. Feminists will come out in droves against her proving that they are not for women at all; just for radical females getting ahead. They are very selfish humans. Like how they treated Sarah Palin and Harriet Myers. We can’t trust John Roberts either as he is being bribed by Obama. He’s not to be trusted.

Be prepared for a fight like we’ve never seen before. But just remember, the Democrats are desperate and will do anything to stop another conservative justice getting on the Supreme Court. Thank you Ruth for your gift to Trump and the rest of us. We needed this vacancy in the court before the election. Not after.

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May you rest in peace. You will be greatly missed by the left.



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