Biden Plays the “Poor Card” During Today’s Speech.

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His mother yelled at him as a child, “Joey, no one is better than you!” while she wagged her finger. Wow. What a weird thing to say to your son. I never said that to my sons, ever. My parents never said that to me. Apparently his parents never told him the truth and explains why he became a liar. He also said the rich kids, like Trump, used to look down on him. Poor, poor pitiful Joey. Vying for the sympathy vote again or trying to relate to the poor, common man. Another dig at Trump coming from successful parents. Man, Biden has a problem with his childhood, for sure. From the Corn Pop dude, to the kids in the pool, to fighting behind the gym, this guy has issues.

But I think it is just another one of Biden’s tall tales trying to portray himself as the poor kid on the block and that his mother had to build up his confidence. Also the line comes straight from the beginning of Forrest Gump when Sally Field said exactly the same line to Forrest, “Forrest, no one is better than you!” So now Biden has resorted to plagiarizing lines from movies about a boy with a learning disability? Is he trying to tell us something? If it’s true, which I doubt as Biden lies about everything, I’d say his mother built him up too much as, unlike Forrest, he can’t compete in the real world. This is why he resorts to making money dishonestly, he was never good at anything. He just learned how to read a blueprint! Next he’ll be telling us he learned to start his barbecue on his own. Biden could be the result of unintended consequences of overpraising your kids. Seen it before. They get so much praise as a child that when they get in the real world they have an inflated view of themselves but find that they are good for nothing. Just like Biden.

Biden continues to spread the lie that Trump called fallen soldiers suckers and losers. Complete lie. Those words are more suitable to BLM members. I am reminded of the famous statement by Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels that if you repeat a lie often enough it becomes the truth. This is the tactic that Joe Biden uses, Nazi tactics. And he calls Trump a white supremist.

Biden is also very jealous of Trump’s rallies saying that he keeps his distance from the folks. That’s what a president does regardless of covid. Although he used to shake hands with people in the front row that he passed. I suppose Biden would like to see Trump getting caught on camera kissing them on the lips, sniffing their hair, and whispering in their ears like he used to do. What a bummer, Trump hasn’t been caught yet! So Biden is complaining that Trump is following the virus guidelines. Biden is also lying about people making fun of what college he attended. Another attempt to play the “poor card.” No one cares what college Biden attended unless they’re Democrat elites. We’re just surprised he graduated.

In a 45 minute speech, Biden touches his mask 50 times and coughs a phlegmy cough real loud through his mask sending up microscopic germs flying through the air about twenty feet. He claims Trump held up telling the truth about the virus because he didn’t want mass panic. Well, as it turned out, people did panic and ransacked the grocery stores, sold stock, and laid off employees. So it would have been even worse and Trump was right. Trump’s signature was never on the stimulus check like Biden keeps lying about. The guy wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped him in the face.

Biden’s son Beau did not come home from the service and contract cancer. Many years later he came down with cancer and his insurance company didn’t dump him. These are all playing to the sympathy vote again. Trump did not freeze during covid and didn’t fail his presidential duty. He held daily meetings with the task force and took questions, unlike what a Biden Administration would do. Biden would run to his basement and hide his head under a blanket.

I’m tired of Biden coming to a mic and Trump-bashing for 45 minutes then returning to his blankey at home. I’d rather he stay at home since he can’t tell the truth for the life of him. Just stay home, Joe, and keep telling yourself, no one is better than you! It may have gotten you a wife, but it won’t get you the presidency because newsflash, Trump IS better than you!

Biden has the full backing of the House so basically doesn’t have to do much campaigning just running dishonest ads. Nancy is threatening to impeach Trump again if he chooses to fill the vacancy in the Supreme Court which is his presidential duty. This should be interesting. Impeaching the president for doing his job. Just like the last impeachment was about, doing his job congratulating the leader of another country after their election. Amazing how the House interprets and cheapens the impeachment power, which is basically the only arrow they have left in their quivers.

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3 thoughts on “Biden Plays the “Poor Card” During Today’s Speech.

  1. I think it would be unfortunate as a whole for a 2nd impeachment, but not so much for the writing of history. How could “they” explain that America had such a corrupt President, that he served 8 years and the Democraps were the only ones outraged? They are the psychotic party with their threats, and general causes of unrest this year alone. Will this be erased? What excuses would “they” have? Many of us had simply been ignorant of the massive governmental corruptions prior to President Trump. This, I’m confident, cannot be erased. I’m thankful to God that we have another 4 years to get some of this out of our systems.


  2. Biden is, and always has been a B.S. merchant. He has no skills other than running his mouth, and he isn’t even good a that anymore. He has outlived his brain. He’s just a shell of a washed up old man. He’s being used by the Democrats the same way they used Robert Mueller. These people are lower than dirt.


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