Mueller Probe: A Smokescreen/Sham From the Get Go and They All Know it. “The Big Lie.”

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At the recent “Impeach Trump” Protest, some of the protesters were asked why should Trump be impeached?  All of the answers were perplexing.  One guy said, “For all the crimes he has committed.”

“What crimes?” the reporter asked.

“He colluded with Russia to win the election.”

“But the Mueller report found no collusion with Russia.”

“Yes, but he’s involved in a cover up of the collusion. He conned his way into office. He’s a conman,” said the laughing protester. (That must have been one clever, devious guy to con his way into the presidency without leaving an ounce of evidence.  Do these people hear themselves talking?)

So you see, Nancy’s talking points of a “cover up” are being planted in the mindless liberals, progressives, or Democrats (whatever they call themselves) and they’re repeating them.  Whether they believe them or not is not the concern.  The fact that they want to believe the worst about our president is.  Any negative tidbit or lie they get, they’ll use it. Just as they believed Harry Reid when he announced that Romney hadn’t paid his taxes in ten years.  They ate that up. They’re very thirsty and gullible for negative information.

Another protester smugly said, “He’s an illegitimate president.”

“Why is that?” asked the reporter.

“He stole the presidency from Hillary.” (Way to put what Hillary was involved in onto Trump.  The audacity! The guts! What projection!)

“If so, why didn’t Mueller recommend indictment?” the reporter grilled.

“Because Mueller knew you can’t indict a sitting president, so he left it up to congress to impeach him.” (What analysis!  These libs must be clairvoyant too!)

These quotes aren’t exact but are the gist of the conversations.  This “big lie” is what the left is thinking and spreading around to our youth and in our schools.

The Mueller smokescreen/sham was nothing but a waste of taxpayers dollars in order to cover their own asses in the FBI and CIA which were waist deep in corruption from the fake dossier to spying to unmasking to insurance plan to lying and leaking to the media in order to tarnish Trump’s presidency from the get go.  And they’re still at it.

It is the worst, most wide-spread conspiracy in our history.  Forget Watergate.  This is ten times worse.  No telling how many folks are involved in it, yet. And it all started at the top when Obama approved the unmasking of private citizens.  The buck stops there!

[“We’ve all seen the reports of the unprecedented unmasking of U.S. citizens by senior Obama official, Ambassador Samantha Power, in the final days of the of the Administration – to the tune of more than one a day.  Now, through our Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) litigation, we have unearthed evidence of significant political bias during the same time period she was unmasking Americans.” ACLJ American Center for Law and Justice.]

And, of course, Obama will feign no knowledge of Power’s unmasking just like he had no knowledge of Lois Lerner’s targeting conservatives.  He gets his drones to do his dirty work so he can keep his hands clean.  Squeaky clean Obama.

This spreading of the “big lie” to the common folk of America needs to stop before the next election.  Either these protesters are uninformed or they ate the “big lie” hook, line, and sinker and it’s too late to pull the hook out.  And I think it’s the latter.

Reports from the IG will be coming out soon to explain how an unverified, fabricated dossier was used at the FISA court to get warrants for spying on the Trump Campaign.  This should be enlightening but it is just the tip of the (so-called melting) iceberg.

Why is it the new FBI Director, Chris Wray (who replaced Comey) isn’t that forthcoming and seems to disagree with Trump and AG Barr?  Did they get to him already or was he already part of the Deep State and they threw him to Trump to choose?  I don’t trust him or his expression.  He looks like he’s hiding something. He could be part of the “big lie and the smokescreen.” He could be communicating with Comey daily and getting his head filled with more lies. Time to find a new Director of the FBI, IMO. That should get the left in a tizzy.

DRAIN THE SWAMP before the next election. KEEP AMERICA GREAT!

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