Taylor Swift Mocks Conservatives to Sell a Song.

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She releases a music video portraying conservatives as bigoted hillbillies and rednecks. It was reminiscent of Hillary’s portraying conservatives as deplorables and irredeemables and gave me the same feeling. That didn’t work out so well for Hillary.

The music video of her latest song portrayed conservatives as poor, dirty, toothless, homophobic rednecks that scream in the streets with misspelled signage. The only thing missing was Walmart.  It was insulting.  She went straight to central casting for rednecks and hillbillies whereas all she needed to do was go to an anti-trump protest and pull those folks for her video.  Besides conservatives don’t protest.  What’s to protest? We won!

She must be as clueless as they come, blinded by Hollywood with her elitest friends and sycophant followers.  She’s trying to stand out as an equality-feminist in the Country Music world.  She probably thinks Trump has no women or gay followers. If she had watched only one Trump rally maybe she would have seen people of all economic backgrounds, races, genders, sexual persuasion, and cities–all dressed fashionably.  She can join the likes of the Dixie Chicks. Good bye.

If she was smart, which she isn’t, she’d be happy with the Trump economy which allows her followers to be able to purchase her crappy songs.  She’d be happy that her audience is no longer in danger from ISIS at her concerts.  She’d be happy with the low cost of gasoline as she travels in her band’s bus. She’d be happy that she gets more people being able to afford her concerts and thus make more money.  She’d be happy that Trump has restored respect for the American flag and the National Anthem. But instead she’s just aimlessly counting her money.  I guess she thinks the good economy “just happens.”

But she’s not happy and is mocking conservatives in order to sell a song. Low-blow Swift is going to lose on this one, like she did with Stacey Abrams.  I guess the egg is off her face, and she wants to try again. Since her song is about telling folks to “calm down,” it would make more sense if she focused on the Resist movement and told them to “calm down.” They are the crazies in the streets protesting.

But no one listens to political rhetoric from Taylor Swift in her tweets or in the guise of a song.  It’s about as valuable as the bartender’s and Milano’s.  Three clueless feminists out to make a name for themselves– albeit not good ones.

She’s lucky she’s good looking as that alone sells.  But as far as her feminist group think, she stinks and needs to shut up and sing.

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2 thoughts on “Taylor Swift Mocks Conservatives to Sell a Song.

  1. She’s another useless leftist twit with diarrhea of the mouth and constipation of the brain. Has no useful input into anything, just baseless criticism, pandering to the brainless idiots that follow her on twitter. Was that too harsh?


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