Is Iran Part of the Deep State’s Insurance Plan? Who’s Pulling the Strings?

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Is Trump being set up, yet again?  Is this the Deep State’s last ditch effort to get rid of Trump by forcing him into making a strike on Iran?  Who’s behind these unprovoked strikes from Iran?  Did someone get to Iran and promise them something in exchange for provoking Trump?

The Democrats know that Trump ran on getting us OUT of wars.  So if he happened to be forced into one by all these provocative attacks on us, would he lose all chances of winning next year? Is this what they’re thinking?  From what the left has gotten away with already, I wouldn’t put it past them.  They would sell their souls and their mother to win back the White House. And would also sell out their country to win back the White House.  If they are behind these unprovoked attacks this is the real definition of treason.

This is like a reverse Wag the Dog scenario as it’s coming from the opposite side to take the subject off the GOOD accomplishments of Trump and put it on his failing foreign policy.  It’s all the libs have left: to tarnish Trump’s foreign policy.  Let’s hope I’m not right.  I don’t want to be right.  I just suspect something is fishy about all these sudden unprovoked attacks on us. And I don’t want Trump to be forced into a war under false pretenses.

[The media has reported that National Security Adviser John Bolton (a long advocate of military force and proponent for confrontation with Iran) was supportive of the strike. CIA Director Gina Haspel also supported a strike according to these reports. However, Pentagon officials reportedly voiced their concerns that we could easily find ourselves in a full-fledged war that could escalate out of control.] J. Turley

I’m glad Trump is not trigger happy and has restraint, so far. But he can only take so many of these attacks.  He has commanders that will recommend measured attacks which he’ll need to consider.  Trump said killing 150 Iranians is not proportionate to taking out an unmanned drone.  I agree.  So he called off the strike. The press is calling Trump indecisive which is just another way to provoke him into war.  The press is working for the Democrats.  They used to revere any president’s restraint from war.  Now since it’s Trump, they’re against it.  Go figure.

Why did John Kerry go to Iran in 2018?  He shouldn’t be over there as he no longer represents our government. Or is he still working for Obama? Did he promise Iran that once Trump is gone, we can get back into the Iran Nuclear deal? Did he tell Iran the end result will justify the means? Something is up.

[Trump appears to be partially referring to a reported meeting between Kerry and Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif at the beginning of 2018, part of what the Boston Globe called “an aggressive yet stealthy” mission to put pressure on the Trump administration to keep the Iran nuclear deal.]

Something is up.  I smell a rat. I smell a couple of rats: Obama and Kerry.

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