Hollywood “Has-Beens” Trying to Convince Us (Lie) that Mueller Report Has Something on Trump.

sea sky beach holiday
Photo by Public Domain Pictures on Pexels.com

Hollywood won’t give up.  They think they can convince the rest of us that Trump colluded with Russia, despite the fact that 15 angry, Democrat, Hillary-supporting lawyers couldn’t find shit on Trump. They need to just go to a white sandy beach (preferably out of the country), have a refreshing tropical drink, and forget about it.

Better yet, leave for good and leave the politics up to the politicians.  Stop trying to brainwash the rest of us. Just because you played a few politicians in your lifetime, possibly, doesn’t give you license to school the rest of us.  No one wants your liberal, lying, biased opinions except for your candidates. So try helping them rather than lying about Trump.

We don’t miss you Deniro or Sheen or Reiner. Your time is up.  Go away.  You’re not the voice or face of reason.  You look ridiculous. You were wrong about Trump, and you have egg on your faces. Admit it. An apology is in order.  No amount of public service statements produced by you is going to change the results of the “Muellersham.”  You have Trump Derangement Syndrome, and we don’t take advice from you.  Get some help.

So gas up your private jets, and begone. Hillary lost. Mueller has nothing on Trump. Get over it already. PERIOD.


grayscale photo of fighter plane
Photo by Airam Vargas on Pexels.com



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