“Wayfair. You’ve Got What I Need, Unless I’m a Trump Supporter.”

men going around a warehouse
Photo by Alexander Isreb on Pexels.com

Wayfair employees are walking out like zombies due to a “government contract” that sends beds to the border. If their employees are that dumb, I don’t want to shop there any longer.  These are the folks packaging our online purchases.  They have bought into the “concentration camp” lie and shows that they have no comprehension skills, no commonsense, no compassion, and aren’t for the good of America.  They’d rather punish kids brought over the border illegally by adults, as an anti-Trump policy statement.  Plain stupid.

They and the female soccer players who are already refusing to go to the White House can all get a room together somewhere, preferably out of this country.  I hope they lose their jobs.  This blind obsession against Trump is all it is–blind.  The blind leading the blind. They look like fools.

How did these losers come up with this plan?  From Facebook, Google?  Someone is behind all this crap.  Soros? These folks can’t think for themselves so they walk out like zombies being lead by their crazy leader.  Is it the bartender?  Hmmm.  She may have more power than I give her credit for.  I thought most folks saw through her for what she is–a dumb chick. I thought wrong.

Who are these sponge-brained kids being raised by?  I’m embarrassed that we’re turning out such wimpy, snowflake, losers.  I weep for the future when they inherit it. Hope Trump can save us from them, before it’s too late. Wayfair should change their song to, “Wayfair. You’ve got what I need, unless I’m a Trump supporter.”

Boycott Wayfair.  And cancel the bed order with them.  Place a new one with a discount mattress store or Sears or Penneys.  


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