Last Night’s “Kiddie Table” Debate was Lackluster.

three toddler eating on white table
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Some of my predictions rang true:  They spent nineteen minutes bashing Trump but didn’t go after each other. They never had a go at Biden or Sanders, nor ISIS, nor the wall, nor North Korea, nor Israel.  It’s almost as though the subjects never existed. They offered lots of freebies with no way to pay for them other than taxing the rich.  Same ol’ same ol’. In general, they sounded as though we were still in the Obama years with high unemployment and no growth. They ignored Trump’s economic success altogether.

Not one question about ISIS? What happened to ISIS?  Did Trump eliminate the threat? Was he given credit for that?  But they went back to the war in Afghanistan and Al-Qaeda and the Taliban and 9-11.  Hadn’t heard those names in a while.  I guess eight years of a threat of terrorism from ISIS under Obama and many terror attacks on our soil were an “inconvenient” memory.

But when asked what is the biggest threat to America today, some said China, others said nuclear war, others said Iran, one said climate change, one said Russia, and one nimrod said Donald Trump and the biased crowd cheered.  What an insult. Not one mention of North Korea which was an eminent threat when Trump took over. Did they give Trump credit for diffusing that threat?  I don’t think so. In short, they have no idea what the biggest threat to America is.  That alone should eliminate their chances. I think the answer should have been the invasion at our borders and all that that entails! Clueless group of candidates.

They all lamented on stagnant wages and irresponsible tax cuts only helping the rich and big corporations. Boo hoo!   They all lie like rugs. They also ballyhooed about stricter gun laws which could have prevented the last school shooting.  Actually, it was the Promise Program that Obama put in action that contributed to the school shooting as it allowed troubled kids to stay in school until they graduated.  The Mayor and Chief of Police condoned the Promise Program and the security guard acted cowardice.  All three contributed to the school shooting, not gun laws.

What I also gleaned from the debate: Warren is against big corporations, Booker and Beto like speaking Spanish which was real annoying.  It was like a “Spanish off” in Spanish class between three of the candidates.  Who can speak it the fastest?  Obviously vying for the illegal immigrant votes. What country are we living in? The congresswoman from Hawaii was pretty but not a good debater.  Klobachar was invisible as well as the rest of them.  One Hispanic Governor spoke often and with conviction.  They were all hot on women’s right to choose but didn’t want to go into specifics. They were hot on women getting equal pay as men.  One candidate mentioned transgender rights.  DeBlasio played the race card saying he’s the only one with a Black child and has to worry about him daily with the police.  He figured that would get the Black vote. Good luck with that.  Blacks aren’t stupid. They know when they are being pandered to. The audience was packed with female voters that liked to cheer when they were mentioned.  #Metoo was alive and well in the audience.  And LBGT rights too.

In my opinion, there were no stand outs.  I didn’t like their solutions to anything as they had none. No solution to the border crisis or healthcare.  All these years to think about it and they’ve got nothing. No good ideas.  I didn’t see any of them that could stand up to Trump in a debate.  They all looked scared.  If you’re afraid of Rachel Maddow, you don’t have a chance against Trump, although Rachel is scary.

The one compliment I will give the debate is: the moderators asked tougher questions than expected.  I thought they’d ask what your favorite movie was or book was or your pet’s name.  Big surprise to me. Those were the questions they used to ask Hillary, the chosen one. But they brought up Mitch McConnell a lot, like he was the sitting president. Probably a method to their madness like Mitch is running the show not Trump.  Like they did to Bush.  Always giving Cheney credit/blame for Bush’s decisions.

Most of them will stay at the “kiddie table” with the exception of Warren, Booker, and maybe the Hispanic governor. Trump needs to give him a nickname already.



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