And Then There Were Two.

photo of woman climbing on ladder
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After last night’s debate at the grownup table, it was clear that Kamala Harris was the only one who could take on Biden and, therefore, moved herself up the ladder. It’s now a race between Biden and Kamala.  Kamala had her pre-planned attack and it made Biden look like a bullied kid on the playground.  I actually felt sorry for him.  First time ever.

Kamala, although she’s a good speaker, she was a little too rough on Biden.  It was bordering on cruel like the left calls Trump daily.  She can be a nasty woman as Trump would say.  Trump has put food back on the table of the middle class, Kamala.  We don’t need you to come up with a plan for that.  Done already.

The rest of the candidates talked about typical nonsense: Trump is kidnapping, killing,  or caging children, he’s a pathological liar, unemployment hasn’t gone down as people are holding three jobs, tax cuts were to pay off donors–Koch Brothers and NRA, he only cares about Wall Street, White supremacy, wants to go to war with Iran, climate change denier, reproductive rights are being assaulted, has insulted all the world leaders, Russia helped him win the election, and corporate corruption is running the White House.  Blau. blau, blau. All the aforementioned are lies, but it’s all they got.  Lies. A bunch of Debbie Downers with nothing positive to say about Trump.

None of them knew why we have a sudden increase of illegals invading the country. None of them mentioned that Soros is funding many of their trips.  None of them said that they are coming here for Trump’s prosperity not asylum.  None of them think that the onus should be on the parents of these children to protect them, not our government.  They all want to blame Trump for the conditions at the border, yet it is the Democrats who won’t allow an immigration reform bill to be passed.  They were all lying.

There was some #Metoo feminist at the end of the stage that no one knew.  Calls herself an author.  What a weirdo. She quoted JFK yet never mentioned his infidelity while in the White House.  (Guess he got a pass from her.)  She was just there for insult-slinging.

Hyper Gillibrand is a Hillary want-to-be and interrupted the moderators over twelve times.  She’s rude and abrasive with no manners. The other gentlemen on the stage at least had manners.

Cackling Kamala overplayed the race card.  Neighbor kids weren’t allowed to play with her.  She was bussed.  Poor girl.  I thought she was half Jamaican not African American.  Who knew? I guess she can play the race card when necessary.  At least she’s not claiming to be Native American. Does she want reparations?  She never addressed the massive homelessness in her state or the invasion of illegals aside from wanting to give them FREE health insurance plans. They never address how to pay for these pipe dreams or the unintended consequences of incentivizing more Latin Americans to come here.

Bernie looked like his spiel has run it’s course. He wrote his obituary when he mentioned that he wants terrorists to vote a month ago. Buttigeig looked meek as well as tie-less Yang. Swalwell wants the government to buy back all assault weapons from every house in America. Good luck with that plan. There were a few other “no names” from Colorado which is a state with so many problems–not worth mentioning.

Biden was inflicted with the “I did it already” disease that John Kasich had during his debates.  Biden said Trump was the first president to thumb his nose at our allies.  Really?  I do recall Obama thumbing his nose are our close ally, Israel.  Biden’s first priority if he wins the presidency is to defeat Donald Trump.  Hmmm.  Shouldn’t he have already done that?  Interesting.  Gaff.

But when it was all over, Kamala took on Biden turning him into a stuttering, battered husband and that means she’ll take on Trump which moves her up the ladder in the polls.  The rest of them will stay on the same rung.


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