Why Did the Utah Coed Meet With a Stranger?

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Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

What a horrific crime! What kind of a society are we creating when a pretty coed goes on an app in the middle of the night and trusts meeting a complete stranger?  Did she not listen to her parents?  Never talk to strangers and definitely never get in their car.  Did she ever hear of Ted Bundy, Ed Gein, the Zodiac Killer, Hillside Strangler, or the Craigslist Killer? Apparently not!

Bundy would have it so easy these days with smart phones.  He wouldn’t have to feign a broken arm and ask for help. He’d just post his handsome photo on a website, say he was in law school; and, viola, the girls would come to him.  Was this girl so sheltered from the news growing up that she didn’t learn it could be dangerous to meet up with a stranger? Did she hear of Elizabeth Smart, Polly Klaas, or the Yosemite killings? There are evil predators out there!

Someone needs to shut down these apps. You may have a few innocuous encounters but eventually it will bite you in the ass. This Nigerian psychopath was a time bomb waiting to go off.  The contractor, who was creeped out when asked to build a soundproof room in his house, should have called the police. If you see something, say something is the mantra we should all live by. Or was he afraid of being called a bigot which is overused these days? And how and why does a Nigerian come here?

There was a loner recently who killed a girl’s family then held her captive for over a month in his house.  She finally escaped.  Don’t people know what’s going on?  Or are they watching the sugarcoated fake news or reading the New York Times? This is frustrating.  If girls knew what danger is out there lying in wait, they’d never go on any apps. All they are being taught is the danger of climate change from the likes of AOCI fear.  They are forgetting the basics. Lots of people dropped the ball before this girl got kidnapped and murdered.

Smart phones are part of the cause of this murder.  If she didn’t have a smart phone, she’d still be alive.  Smart phones don’t make you smarter, they make you dumber.  You can’t read a map, you can’t read someone’s demeanor because you’re always looking at your dumb phone, and you can’t talk because you’re always texting.  Cell phones should just be used for real emergencies–call Triple A when your car breaks down or 911 when in danger.  Not for meeting up with strangers.

Deepest condolences to the poor family of Mackenzie Lueck.  Every girl should be made aware of what happened to her in order to prevent a similar tragedy. 😦

Word to the wise: Don’t meet up with complete strangers; but if you must, make sure it’s in a public place and during the day. And bring some pepper spray if you have it. This goes for older gals too. You CAN’T Be TOO Careful! And don’t be afraid of hurting their feelings.




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