Fearless Trump Defies His Critics.

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Photo by Public Domain Photography on Pexels.com

Trump plans an impromptu meeting with Kim Jong Un making it the first sitting U.S. President to ever set foot in North Korea. It is an historical moment in history.  He should get the Nobel Peace Prize for trying to make peace in the Korean Peninsula Region for South Korea and Japan.  Will he be awarded the prize?  Probably not.  

Foreign policy analysts said the border meeting won’t mean much unless it it leads to progress on a deal to dismantle North Korea’s nuclear weapons programs. “What matters is what is agreed to and actually happens,” tweeted Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations. “It is not the personal but policy that counts.” Harry Kazianis, with the D.C.-based Center for the National Interest, sounded a positive note, saying the meeting could “set the tone for … carving out a path toward lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula.” USA Today

The self-proclaimed Socialist candidates and main stream media will undoubtedly find fault in this visit as they always do.  At least he’s trying, unlike his predecessors. You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar is the method of Trump’s madness. This old adage rings true. Another one is: keep your friends close and your enemies closer. His critics will ask, “How can he cozy up to a ruthless dictator, our enemy? He’s legitimizing Kim Jong Un on the world stage for a photo op!” Photo op will be the buzz word of the week for the left. They’ll claim Kim played Trump like a fiddle.

Conversely, when Obama landed in Cuba and cozied up with Raul Castro, the media all raved about it being an historic event for a president.  Obama went to a game with him and did the historical “wave” and that wasn’t a photo op.  Basically the media are hypocrites. The praise they gave Obama, they do not extend to Trump. Nothing will make them happy no matter what Trump does. He could find a cure for cancer, and they’d say he caused cancer in order to cure it. That’s how they think.  We should all be proud of Trump for trying to remove the threat from North Korea especially if you live in Hawaii.

*         *         *

yellow school bus beside gray concrete building
Photo by Mihai Vlasceanu on Pexels.com

Kamala Harris lamented during her debate last Thursday on benefiting from busing of Blacks back in the 70s. Good for her, although busing was controversial to both sides. Some Black families wanted their children to attend their neighborhood school rather than be forced to integrate with a school across town.

It comes to everyone’s surprise now that Kamala is half Indian decent and the other half Jamaican.  Jamaicans are Africans brought to their country as slaves for the Spanish. She has benefited as the descendant of African Americans for years, whereas she’s really half African Jamaican. It’s a distinction without a difference, meaning she’s half Black like Obama is. And her descendants weren’t slaves in America, same as Obama.  No reparations for them.

*       *       *

Trump will continue to defy his critics, and we should be thankful he does. He’s trying to give peace a chance, like the song says.



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