Chris Wallace Defends Cortez’s “Garbage” Remark But Buries the one Trump was Referring to. Fake News is Now Officially “False” News.

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Wallace adamantly defended one of Cortez’s “garbage” references on Sunday but no mention of the one Trump was referring to.  I clearly remember seeing her in an interview callously calling people “garbage” if they didn’t agree with her Green New Deal and other leftist ideas. Garbage is one her “go to” words. But I think Google has conveniently scrubbed her remark to make Trump look bad.  Couldn’t find it.

During Trump’s rally in North Carolina, he mentioned that Cortez called Americans “garbage” and compared it to Hillary’s deporables comment.  He said “garbage” sounds worse.  He’s right. Yet Chris Wallace went back to an older interview with Cortez where she said our economy is now better than where it was…at garbage level. But Chris either purposely ignored one of her more recent comments or didn’t do his homework. She made a slip when saying it, and now it’s no where to be found.

Is fake news becoming false news?  Is Chris Wallace getting sucked into the false news whirlpool?  Surely he could have found out what Trump was referring to.  It’s his job! Instead he implied that Trump misspoke at the rally when he said Cortez called Americans garbage. Chris is quick to plays devil’s advocate and take the side of the Dems over Trump it seems. Thanks Chris.

We should all be worried when the media scrubs interviews that didn’t go as they liked and replace them with a different one.  This is becoming a communist country when this happens.  Everyone agrees the four women of the Squad have made racist comments and yet the media is turning the tables back onto Trump.  Trump doesn’t make racist comments.  “Love it or leave it” has been around for years.  Suddenly it’s racist?  Give me a break!

Everything Trump says is racist in the eyes of the media as this is the only card they have left to play.  They blamed an organic chant at his rally on Trump. “Send her back” was intended for Omar who clearly hates our country and is anti-Semitic.  Trump doesn’t have control of what his audience chants.

The Democrats know that their candidates of loons can’t hold a candle to Trump during the election, so they’re desperate to take him out beforehand.  Good luck with that.  You’ve been trying for two years.  The truth will always prevail.

The front runners now are “Pushup” Biden, Kranky Kamala, Pocahontas, and Buttigeig (Boot.edge.edge). Biden is essentially talking his way down the polls with stupid comments like “Come on, man, let’s see who can do more push ups.”  Kamala is overplaying the African American race card when she’s clearly Indian/Jamaican and ran on that when she won for Senate. Pocahontas’s head bobbles too much during the debates. And when Buttigeig quotes what the Bible would condone, it’s…off putting.


Let’s make sure we hold the media and Google accountable for accurate reporting and searches including FOX News.  Cortez flippantly called people that don’t agree with her “garbage” during one of her interviews and that’s worse than deplorable or irredeemable or dregs of society.  We’re not garbage!  Here’s what’s garbage: Calling Trump a racist is garbage.

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