Was it Weekend at Bernie’s or Mueller Hearing?

green and gray mallard duck
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Who was that man propped up by the Democrats to appear today before Congress?  Was it Bernie from the comedy movie?  But if he walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, he’s a Democrat not a Republican like he claims to be.

I can’t count the number of times Mueller shut down the Republican members of the panel with his pat answers like, “Outside of my purview” “Can’t discuss that” “I’m not going to speak to that” “Outside of our investigation” “I can’t get into it” “That’s an ongoing investigation” “Not aware of that” or “I don’t know.” He may as well have taken The Fifth Amendment. He often feigned confusion when they asked him about Fusion GPS or Glenn Simpson or the dirty dossier. He played dumb.  Unless he has early dementia, he knows full well what went on in the Hillary camp. He wouldn’t even admit to reading the dossier (big lie) that lead to the FISA Warrants. I doubt if he wrote his own report.

Conversely, when a Democrat member thanked him for his service then asked a question, Mueller enthusiastically perked up and answered, “Yes, that is correct”  “I agree” “True” “That’s in my report.” So he had selective dementia.

Half the time he needed the questions repeated which was just a waste time for the members.  The Democrats kissed his butt and made their false statements for the record as expected and the Republicans tried to get into the FISA Warrants, Glenn Simpson, Peter Strzok, and the Steele Dossier, but to no avail.  Mueller claimed he had no idea which political party his team was registered with, but they were all Democrats who hated Trump one even attending Hillary’s victory/nonvictory party.  Please, if he thinks we believe that for one second, he must be smoking something funny.

I think his one big lie that may come back to bite him in the ass was when he denied going in for a job interview with Trump for the position of Director of the FBI. That must be on record. He claims he was advising Trump on what to look for in a candidate.  We’ll see how that turns out.  He should have recused himself from Special Counsel since he was a witness to anything Trump may have said in the interview.

Another telling answer was when asked, “Did you write your nine minute public statement?”

“I won’t get into that.”

“Just what I thought, you didn’t”

Then Mueller smirks like a teenager caught smoking under the bleachers.

The Democrats were hot on the Moscow high rise that Trump was planning.  They are trying to imply that Trump wanted be president so he could make money building a high rise in Moscow, which the opposite is true.  If he lost, he would have a backup plan to build a high rise in Moscow.  He builds high rises all over the world so Moscow is not out of the question. Nice try, Democrats. If that’s all you got, you better go back to the well, as Ted Cruz would say.

The Democrats tried to imply that Trump was in cahoots with Wikileaks again.  The Russia Hoax.  I think Robert Mueller’s performance today was like Bernie in Weekend at Bernie’s at best or Biden in his first debate or Geraldo at Al Capone’s Vault at worst.  Either way, a good day for Trump. The Mueller Report should be renamed Get Trump Report because that’s all it was about from start to finish.

#Muellersham, #Russianhoax, #Witchhunt #Gettrump

One thought on “Was it Weekend at Bernie’s or Mueller Hearing?

  1. I’ve been working all day, just getting to see snippets here and there. Can’t wait to sit down for my church service tonight and hear the comments from Pastor Carlson.


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