Did Russia Meddle…or Coordinated Excuse Why Hillary Lost?

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Just because the politicians repeat it over and over how terrible it was that they meddled in our election, doesn’t make it true.  There is no evidence that the Russian “government” was meddling in our election, maybe a few rogue computer hackers.  There is no sound evidence that Putin wanted Trump to win our election over HIllary.  There is no evidence that one vote was changed due to Russia interference. But the politicians will repeat this until the cows come home.  WHY?

So WHEN Trump wins again, they can once again blame it on RUSSIA!  And the Democrats are still licking their wounds from the 2016 election and want to hold onto some reason why they lost. We have listened to Russia, Russia Russia, Racist, Racist, Racist for two years until we want to throw a shoe at our television.  It’s not our television’s fault.  It’s the politicians and the media’s.  They have said this lie for so long that it is becoming the narrative for those who don’t follow politics. “Well…Trump stole the election with the help of Russia.”  We’ve all heard it said or seen this written. These people believe it!

Show me the proof that Russia was behind the hacking of the DNC. There isn’t one smidgen of proof, yet the Mueller (Get Trump) Report says it’s true.  BS!  Show me the proof that Trump was involved with Russians to effect the election.  There isn’t one smidgen of proof, yet the Mueller says it’s true.  BS!  Show me the proof that Trump or any of his campaign was coordinating with Wikileaks?  There isn’t any. Yet Mueller implied they were.

How many of these lies is America willing to take?  When will someone, aside from Trump, stand up to these liars and say, “Russia didn’t meddle in our election!” Even Obama once said it was impossible for any country to meddle as our election system is too complex. And why did Mueller say Putin wanted Trump to win when they’d been involved in a pay for play operation with the Clintons for years, and it was payback time?  I think Mueller is part of the pay for play and is protecting his ass.  If Clinton won for president, she’d be paying them back with U.S. decisions in their favor.  It just doesn’t make sense and when it doesn’t make sense, it’s usually not true.

But there is proof that the Obama/Hillary team tried to frame Trump to look like he was involved with Russia.  There is proof that Trump’s campaign members were set up, some even behind bars right now. There is proof that Trump’s campaign was spied on.  There is proof that the FBI was involved too.  And there is proof that Hillary hired Steele to compose a dirty dossier that involved Russian prostitutes to ruin Trump’s chance at winning. That’s what America should be up in arms about!

If someone from Russia put a few pro-Trump ads on Facebook, there were probably just as many pro-Hillary ads from them, so it’s a wash.  Everyone knows that Facebook is a liberal social media and would expect to see mostly pro-Hillary ads which would mitigate any attempt by Russia to influence voters with pro-Trump ads.  All this Russia influence talk needs to stop.  It makes our country and people look weak.  What are we, a bunch of sponge brains?  We can’t think for ourselves, so we absorb an ad on Facebook?  Ridiculous.

Stand up to those who say Russia hacked emails, changed votes, colluded with Trump, and meddled in our election.  Stand up and say, “It ain’t so!”  Mueller warned yesterday in the Weekend at Bernie’s hearing that the Russians are meddling right now in our election!  Oh no!  What a smokescreen to get the focus off of his involvement in the biggest scandal in American history that he was part of.  He should be ashamed of himself! What they have done to Trump should never happen to another President, ever again.

When they finally investigate who gunned down Seth Rich who worked for the DNC, when they tell us why they scrubbed Strozk’s and Page’s phones and emails, when they tell us why the DNC computers were ignored by the FBI, when they tell us why all Hillary’s lawyers and donors were chosen for Mueller’s team,  when they tell us why cellphones in the Hillary email scandal were destroyed by the FBI, when they tell us who was behind the FBI’s frame job on Trump and many more mysteries, then maybe all this Russia talk will end!

But we won’t hold our breath!  Until then, just call out anyone saying that Russia hacked, meddled, influenced, colluded, infiltrated, or stole our election. It’s a coordinated attempt by the media and Democrats to make Trump’s win illegitimate.  And we’ve heard many call it that.

#Muellersham #Russiahoax #Witchhunt #Gettrump

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