Are We Creating a Bunch of Juvenile Killers? What is Going on?

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First we have two cold-blooded killing teenagers on the run after killing three innocent adults in Canada.  Teenagers are becoming serial killers now?  Then we have two teenagers in Italy killing a cop!  What in the world are two teenagers from San Francisco doing in Italy anyway? Since when do teenagers go to Italy in the summer?  Whatever happened to sending them to camp to learn some skills?  Then we had a multiple shooting in Gilroy, California, by a nineteen year old.

Haven’t heard the background on these five hooligans yet, but I’d like to hear it.  Permissive parenting combined with drugs, social media, and a liberal school system would seem to be the underlying cause of what is going on here. The real question is: Where do teenagers learn to have such disrespect for life that they would stab or shoot someone to death?  Where?  It’s sick.

College girls are going missing one after another.  What kind of offspring are we creating in our country to hear these stories so frequently now that we are becoming apathetic to them? We tune out when we hear it now; like it’s so commonplace, it’s not news anymore. And then there’s Antifa which is comprised of angry teenagers for the most part.

Teenagers who kill became national news after the Columbine “revenge of the nerds” school shooting.  Then slowly have gotten to be more prevalent like the Parkland (Promise Program) shooting.  It’s not a gun problem, it’s what’s pulling the trigger–evil or mental illness. Because if they don’t have a gun, they’ll use a knife or a bomb or blunt force trauma.

The media and the police are being tight lipped on these hooligans’ backgrounds so far.  But they’ll probably say they’re far right nuts or white supremacists like they tried to do after the Gabby Gifford shooting and the Las Vegas massacre.  The reason they’re so quiet is they’re looking for the right wing connection.  Must have not found one yet. One picture of Trump in their bedrooms and Trump will most likely be blamed for inciting hate.

Undoubtedly, these teenagers are from liberal homes like the Parkland shooter, but they don’t want that news to get out. Whatever their background, we need to get to the crux of the problem–not their politics. What is giving them the reason not to value life? What is making them so angry? First we should look at their upbringing then what they’re learning in school and social media.  Are our schools indoctrinating hate?  Do these teenagers believe in God?

My eleven-year-old future step-grandson often yells that he hates Trump.  I ask him why and he says his whole school does.  He’s just a kid but still off putting. It’s the California school system, what do I expect?  As parents/grandparents, we need to try to dilute/diffuse what kids are being indoctrinated in school or on social media.  This killing spree by teenagers needs to be nipped in the bud.


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What are we creating, a bunch of juvenile delinquents?


2 thoughts on “Are We Creating a Bunch of Juvenile Killers? What is Going on?

  1. Conservatives sat on their asses and let the lefties take complete control of our education system. That’s the price of complacency. It was easy to fix years ago, now, next to impossible. Californians can’t even get a concealed carry permit to protect themselves. I left 29 years ago, I suggest all sane conservatives do the same.


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