Is the FBI Director Covering for the FBI? Is he a Swamp Dweller?

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Based on answers that he gave in a recent hearing, it sounded like he was running interference for James Comey.  Who got to Chris Wray?  Has he already been polluted by The Swamp?  Did Obama get to him?  He’s bobbing and weaving on answers about whether the FBI was involved in spying on the Trump Campaign and who authorized it.  “I have no personal knowledge of spying.”  What the ef does that mean?  He doesn’t need personal knowledge, he needs FBI knowledge.  Way to deflect an answer, Chris.

Maybe it’s time to drain the swamp a little more and get rid of Chris Wray.  I never trusted that smirk on his face.  He’s hiding something and covering for the FBI so they won’t be tarnished and Obama won’t be either. He’s appears to be a protege of Obama.

Wake up Trump and get to the bottom of what’s going on with Wray.  He may have been thrown at you as a pick by the Democrats.  But may have a different agenda–to protect the FBI and the Obama Administration and Comey, McCabe, and Page.

Come on man, don’t you wonder who’s slow walking all the requests for documents?  It’s Wray.  He doesn’t want to truth to come out.  He’s a bad pick IMO.  I wish I was wrong, but I don’t trust the guy.  I’ve heard his answers to questions, always taking the FBI’s side over Trump.  Time to fire the new FBI Director…again.


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Last night’s Democrat debate was at least not so boring.  Several of the candidates stood up to Bernie and Warren, calling them out on their “pie in the sky” medicare-for-all plan.  It was great.  I hope some of those that did will rise in the polls and bring “bobblehead” Warren down a few notches.

Bernie looked like he was ready to blow a fuse as he wasn’t getting the respect he demands.  What Bernie and Warren don’t seem to want to tell us is that Medicare comes out of our Social Security (that seniors paid into their whole lives) and then we have to buy a supplement plan to cover 20% of costs. We pay for it.  It’s not free. They are being disingenuous with their offer or “free” medicare for all.  Some of the opposing candidates almost sounded Republican for a minute.

But they all want to raise our taxes and give out lots of freebies like preschool, junior college, daycare, healthcare plans, and tax the rich.  Only a few thought giving out healthcare to illegals would be unfair to our citizens.  Bernie brought up the homeless like it’s Trump’s fault, yet it is Democrat cities which allow them to stay.  He also called Trump a pathological liar which I thought was unbecoming for any candidate to say.

The spirit advisor at the end was more outspoken than last time. Clearly a loose cannon who cares about what is causing America’s illnesses rather than healthcare.  Here’s a clue Williamson:  Cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, and bad eating or driving  habits.  But the government can’t control what we put into our own bodies or how we drive; when they do, we’re all in trouble.  She’s entertaining though. At least she wears makeup.

Klobachar looks likes she was either a music conductor or an air traffic director in a previous life.  Those hands movements are off putting.  Tie those things behind your back next time.

Some said they are concerned that Trump will win again, even Bernie. Duh!  That was the most honest thing that came out of their mouths. And Pocahontas, we don’t turn off the T.V. when Trump comes on.  We turn it up!  Just so you know.




2 thoughts on “Is the FBI Director Covering for the FBI? Is he a Swamp Dweller?

  1. You beat me to the punch. You just wrote my next blog. I recently switched gears and put on my home designers hat. I have been designing a new garage and guest house for a client, so it’s taking up all of my blogging time. Since I work a regular job in the daytime my days are pretty much used up. I told my wife a couple of months ago that Chris Ray was an Obama sycophant and it would be in Trump’s best interest to dump the sucker. Now he’s confirming my suspicions.Thanks for writing about this, it’s important. 🙂


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