Biden’s Silent Message at the Southern Border.

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Biden tried to downplay why we are being flooded at the border by immigrants during his failed press conference, even trying to blame Trump’s policies. But no one fell for that. He then tried to say they are coming because “I’m a nice guy. They think I’m a nice guy.” But no one fell for that either, not even the fawning press. So he then played the humanitarian card by saying they are coming because of hurricanes, no street lights, failed crops, drought, climate change, and crime. Like we don’t have those problems here in the U.S.

But let’s get one thing clear: Biden doesn’t give a blip about these illegals but invited them to come and gave them 100 days, handed out Biden tee shirts, stopped the building of the wall, fired the border security committee, stopped Mexico from holding them, and promised them benefits once they get in! And the reason is: to get future Democrat voters into our country to outnumber Republican voters so the Dems can hold onto the White House for years, if not decades. And the press (even FOX) needs to stop pussy footing around this reason.

They want illegals to vote in our elections and will do anything possible to allow it by passing bills to not require voter ID or residency or citizenship and to allow same day registration, all at the peril of our safety and health. The means justifies the end, for Democrats. We know nothing about these invaders. Some are drug cartels, sex traffickers, criminals, MS-13, gang members, and, yes, even terrorists from Muslim countries that do not have respect for life. But most of them test positive for covid 19 and no one seems to care. They are super spreaders during the time of a pandemic. It is outrageous.

Biden lied when he said most of them are being sent back. They are being released into our country by “catch and release.” The children are being held in crowded makeshift quarters until they can find a place to send them. They will disperse them out across America based on where they need future voters. Notice they are sending them to red states. Not a coincidence. This practice will continue until the left grows some “you know what” and actually reports the truth.

But I won’t hold my breath because the left is the press and they want progressive, liberal green new steal policies and cancel culture to continue. In short, we’re screwed unless the Supreme Court finally steps in. We can’t trust the FBI, the National Guard, or even our military right now, as they have been emasculated by Biden’s new Secretary of Defense. All he cares about is weeding out Trump supporters and calling out racists. Wait until we are attacked by a foreign country or terror group, he will be caught with his pants down unprepared.

I am convinced the FBI is one of the most corrupt institutions in the U.S. They had over 50 warnings ahead of time that there would be violence at the capitol but ignored it. Why? Because they wanted to blame Trump. They held back Hunter Biden’s laptop for a year. Why? Because they wanted Biden to win. They treated Hillary with kid gloves when caught red-handed in a crime. Why? Because they wanted her to win. They held back information that would have ended the Mueller Probe from the onset. Why? Because they wanted to take out Trump i.e. they were in collusion with the Democrats.

Chris Wray needs to go, but notice how Biden has curiously kept him on? Why? Because he has always been a plant for the left. Remember when he reported that there was no evidence of widespread voter fraud? Please. Trump got played when he accepted the recommendation by Rosenstein of Chris Wray. Imagine how things would be different today if only Chris Wray was never appointed Director of the FBI. And what the hell happened to A.G. Barr? What a disappointment he turned out to be. He was all bark and no bite. Two of Trump’s biggest mistakes. I would have appointed Ted Cruz as Attorney General or even Jim Jordan. At least with them, you knew what you were gonna get. Love of country over self. And where’s the elusive Durham report? Anyone…anyone know?


What Really Happened to Trump Supporter, Officer Sicknick?

House Republicans on Twitter: "We are mourning the death of United States  Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick who died defending our Capitol from  the violent mob. Join us in praying for Officer
Officer Brian Sicknick.

Smug FBI Director, Chris Wray, says he cannot disclose the results of the autopsy report due to an ongoing investigation. Why did they wait so long before holding a memorial for Sicknick? Why did the media continue to spread the big lie that he was killed by a Trump supporter that hit him in the head with a fire extinguisher? Then they went onto a new narrative that he died from a pre-existing condition, but what was it? Then there was the stroke rumor. There was also the rumor he succumbed to pepper spray or teargas. What the hell are they hiding?

Was Sicknick assassinated by the rogue anti-Trump Black cop (who is in hiding) that shot unarmed conservative Ashli Babbitt? Why did Chris Wray refuse to admit that Antifa and BLM had infiltrated the Trump rally on January 6th, some even donning MAGA hats and American flags? Is he blind, deaf, or dumb? Why does Chris Wray insist that white supremacy is a bigger threat than ISIS was and that they were responsible for the capitol breach? Why do they continue to have a seven foot security barrier around the capitol as though they are about to be attacked again? There is no intelligence that supports this. This is a charade. Was Officer Sicknick about to spill the beans on Nancy Pelosi’s leadership in the setup of Trump by the breach of the Capitol and had to be taken out? I’m feeling shades of Lee Harvey Oswald here.

What is going on? Is this the biggest coverup since Benghazi and JFK assassination or what? Why did other officers commit suicide after the events of that day? Or did they get taken out too? They knew too much. Others resigned. I think Chris Wray needs to resign before Governor Cuomo or Newsom. He is up to his eyeballs in conspiracy. The FBI knew ahead of time that there would be violence at the capitol yet they did nothing. Trump asked for ten thousand National Guard and was turned down due to bad optics. The capitol police asked for National Guard and were turned down. Chris Wray is either the most incompetent investigator or the most corrupt. Neither is good. Something big is going on here but it is being stifled by the media and the FBI, yet again. Shades of Benghazi and the stand down orders.

We all know Biden stole the election but to orchestrate a phony insurrection afterwards just to take the focus off of the stolen election is beyond the pale. The FBI is out of control and the Supreme Court has lost its courage altogether. We have the majority in the Supreme Court but you wouldn’t know it. They are all following in lockstep behind Chief Justice John Roberts who is just Chris Wray with a robe on. I’m sick of these RINOs running (cough) ruining our country.

Trump blew it when he appointed Amy Barrett, endorsed Mitt Romney, and didn’t fire Chris Wray when he had the chance. He was too trusting.

We need an independent, impartial counsel or committee to investigate the investigators. What really happened to Brian Sicknick?

Our FBI is Biased. Now That Barr Resigned, Time for Wray!

Senate Panel Unanimously Advances Chris Wray Nomination for FBI Director -  WSJ
John Shipley Legal Defense for FBI Special Agent
FBI agents working without pay - FREE AMERICA NETWORK
F.B.I. Agent Defends Actions in Russia Inquiry in Contentious House  Testimony - The New York Times

Remember when they stormed Roger Stone’s home in the wee hours of the morning some even hiding in a pond with scuba gear on loaded for bear in order to arrest him live on camera with CNN filming? Remember when they stormed a NASCAR garage of Bubba Wallace in order to obtain evidence of who had placed a so-called noose on his garage door instead of a rope pull? Remember when they stormed Chicago and ran a month long investigation after Jussie Smollett falsely claimed he was attacked by someone in a MAGA hat? Remember when they held back information that it was Hillary who sent a letter to them asking for a Russia Collusion Diversion to get the attention off of her illegally disposing of 33,000 emails so she could win the election?

Remember when lovers Peter Strzok and Lisa Page’s email chain proved that they had bias against our president and would do anything to make sure he did not win the election and agreed to have an “insurance plan” if he did? Remember when someone in their organization “altered evidence” (under the direction of his superiors) in order to present to the FISA court to get permission to spy on the Trump campaign? Remember when they infiltrated the White House to get an impromptu meeting with General Flynn in order to entrap him into lying without a lawyer present? Remember when they hired a Russian woman with so-called opposition research on Hillary to entrap the Trump family in a meeting?

It’s clear the FBI are only working for the Democrat Party and not the GOP. Why? Why didn’t they release information regarding Hillary’s intent to divert attention away from her prior to the election that would have ended the Mueller Probe? Why when they interviewed Hillary regarding her destruction of subpoenaed evidence did they not record it or put her under oath? Why did they remain silent about the Hunter laptop which holds incriminating evidence about presidential candidate Joe Biden’s involvement in his son’s activities overseas? Why did they ignore reports that Dominion voting machines would threaten our presidential election in favor of Biden? Why didn’t they storm the election precincts that clearly were up to no good once the counting was stopped live on television? Why haven’t they conducted a complete investigation after proof of election fraud was presented? Why did they remain silent that Hunter was under investigation by the FBI for tax evasion prior to the election? We know if it had been Eric Trump the world would have known prior to the election. So what is going on here? The leadership of the FBI are clearly working for the Democrat Party.

Maybe this is why AG Barr had to quit. He had no power and realized the swamp was deeper than he could drain. He or his family may have been threatened by the powerful left. He couldn’t control the FBI. No matter what he did or said, they had gone rogue and wouldn’t listen the AG. After all, they are behind the coup d’état together with the CIA and NSA to take out our sitting president. They didn’t want any information coming out that they are part of a conspiracy themselves. So whenever evidence pointed back to them, they coverup for each other. Chris Wray, the FBI Director, needs to go!

He has been the leader of the coverup artists. For him to not intervene in the suspicious election is dereliction of duty. Trump needs to get someone like Ted Cruz in there to really clean up the joint. Ted would also be a candidate for Attorney General or General Flynn, Sidney Powell, or Jim Jordan. None of these changes will happen unless Trump overturns the Biden Heist which his chances are getting slimmer and slimmer, as there’s no one in Trump’s court except for 74 million disenfranchised and disheartened voters.

It’s an Unmerry Christmas.

The Left Wants their Voice to be the Norm…


Girl Scout Power | the Skinny Stiletto

and we shouldn’t capitulate i.e. surrender to them like the Girl Scouts of America just did. They tweeted congratulations to Amy Coney Barrett for being the fifth female justice of the Supreme Court but got bullied by Hollywood elite and others into deleting their tweet. Bullied by the mob. They had to retract their tweet saying we don’t want to be controversial or some other nonsense.

As a former Girl Scout I am offended by their retraction. What does this say to these girls other than “we must cave to voices louder than ours because women are not strong?” Defeats the whole purpose of Girl Scouts. Boy, we have NOT come a long way, baby! We need to stand up to their bullying before their voice DOES become louder than ours.

Our voice and views have been around since the founding of our Nation, but the left wants to shred our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and our Declaration of Independence. They also want to weaken law enforcement, the Supreme Court, and the military. They want to abolish the Electoral College, traditional values, ICE, and the National Anthem. They want to change the number of states, our healthcare system, and our means of transportation. They want to disrespect our American Flag, religion, and our borders. They want to dismantle our public education, forefather’s statues, and monuments. They want to take full control of our speech, the press, and our economy. And they want the Girl Scouts to just fade away into nonexistence. The left doesn’t like organizations that label or segregate girls from boys and transgenders and whatever else they call themselves. Don’t let them!

When someone goes against the left’s radical beliefs like refusing to say Black Lives Matter or voting for Amy Coney Barrett, they will cancel you. They want us all to think alike–all to be leftwing robots. All to say “yes ma’am” like the slaves were treated and yet they revile slavery. This is what they’ve been taught in our radical colleges. This is Obama’s ultimate utopia, and he wants to be the leader of this utopia. We have to kowtow to the left’s way of thinking or else Obama’s domestic army of drones will burn down our cities. We have to repent for past sins of our forefathers. I…don’t…think…so.

Trump needs to clean house again. He needs to get rid of Chris Wray and Dr. Fauci for starts. Then he needs to take a hard look at what Attorney General Barr is doing. Fauci suggested closing our country again for 111 days! What the heck? Haven’t heard a word from Barr since the laptop from hell became common knowledge at least on conservative tv and radio. You’d think Barr would be able to come to the mic against the big tech who are censoring news and lied under oath to congress. But we just hear crickets. For big tech to say that they are impartial doesn’t pass the smell test. Just the fact that the FBI held onto this laptop from hell all through Trump’s insidious impeachment really stinks to high hell. Heads need to roll in the FBI starting with Chris Wray.

If the Girl Scouts of America want to remain relevant, they need to retweet their original tweet. They need to show the leftist bullies what Girl Power looks like instead of behaving like school administrators which have surrendered to the left a long time ago.




Is the FBI Director Covering for the FBI? Is he a Swamp Dweller?

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Based on answers that he gave in a recent hearing, it sounded like he was running interference for James Comey.  Who got to Chris Wray?  Has he already been polluted by The Swamp?  Did Obama get to him?  He’s bobbing and weaving on answers about whether the FBI was involved in spying on the Trump Campaign and who authorized it.  “I have no personal knowledge of spying.”  What the ef does that mean?  He doesn’t need personal knowledge, he needs FBI knowledge.  Way to deflect an answer, Chris.

Maybe it’s time to drain the swamp a little more and get rid of Chris Wray.  I never trusted that smirk on his face.  He’s hiding something and covering for the FBI so they won’t be tarnished and Obama won’t be either. He’s appears to be a protege of Obama.

Wake up Trump and get to the bottom of what’s going on with Wray.  He may have been thrown at you as a pick by the Democrats.  But may have a different agenda–to protect the FBI and the Obama Administration and Comey, McCabe, and Page.

Come on man, don’t you wonder who’s slow walking all the requests for documents?  It’s Wray.  He doesn’t want to truth to come out.  He’s a bad pick IMO.  I wish I was wrong, but I don’t trust the guy.  I’ve heard his answers to questions, always taking the FBI’s side over Trump.  Time to fire the new FBI Director…again.


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Last night’s Democrat debate was at least not so boring.  Several of the candidates stood up to Bernie and Warren, calling them out on their “pie in the sky” medicare-for-all plan.  It was great.  I hope some of those that did will rise in the polls and bring “bobblehead” Warren down a few notches.

Bernie looked like he was ready to blow a fuse as he wasn’t getting the respect he demands.  What Bernie and Warren don’t seem to want to tell us is that Medicare comes out of our Social Security (that seniors paid into their whole lives) and then we have to buy a supplement plan to cover 20% of costs. We pay for it.  It’s not free. They are being disingenuous with their offer or “free” medicare for all.  Some of the opposing candidates almost sounded Republican for a minute.

But they all want to raise our taxes and give out lots of freebies like preschool, junior college, daycare, healthcare plans, and tax the rich.  Only a few thought giving out healthcare to illegals would be unfair to our citizens.  Bernie brought up the homeless like it’s Trump’s fault, yet it is Democrat cities which allow them to stay.  He also called Trump a pathological liar which I thought was unbecoming for any candidate to say.

The spirit advisor at the end was more outspoken than last time. Clearly a loose cannon who cares about what is causing America’s illnesses rather than healthcare.  Here’s a clue Williamson:  Cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, and bad eating or driving  habits.  But the government can’t control what we put into our own bodies or how we drive; when they do, we’re all in trouble.  She’s entertaining though. At least she wears makeup.

Klobachar looks likes she was either a music conductor or an air traffic director in a previous life.  Those hands movements are off putting.  Tie those things behind your back next time.

Some said they are concerned that Trump will win again, even Bernie. Duh!  That was the most honest thing that came out of their mouths. And Pocahontas, we don’t turn off the T.V. when Trump comes on.  We turn it up!  Just so you know.