The Left Wants their Voice to be the Norm…


Girl Scout Power | the Skinny Stiletto

and we shouldn’t capitulate i.e. surrender to them like the Girl Scouts of America just did. They tweeted congratulations to Amy Coney Barrett for being the fifth female justice of the Supreme Court but got bullied by Hollywood elite and others into deleting their tweet. Bullied by the mob. They had to retract their tweet saying we don’t want to be controversial or some other nonsense.

As a former Girl Scout I am offended by their retraction. What does this say to these girls other than “we must cave to voices louder than ours because women are not strong?” Defeats the whole purpose of Girl Scouts. Boy, we have NOT come a long way, baby! We need to stand up to their bullying before their voice DOES become louder than ours.

Our voice and views have been around since the founding of our Nation, but the left wants to shred our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and our Declaration of Independence. They also want to weaken law enforcement, the Supreme Court, and the military. They want to abolish the Electoral College, traditional values, ICE, and the National Anthem. They want to change the number of states, our healthcare system, and our means of transportation. They want to disrespect our American Flag, religion, and our borders. They want to dismantle our public education, forefather’s statues, and monuments. They want to take full control of our speech, the press, and our economy. And they want the Girl Scouts to just fade away into nonexistence. The left doesn’t like organizations that label or segregate girls from boys and transgenders and whatever else they call themselves. Don’t let them!

When someone goes against the left’s radical beliefs like refusing to say Black Lives Matter or voting for Amy Coney Barrett, they will cancel you. They want us all to think alike–all to be leftwing robots. All to say “yes ma’am” like the slaves were treated and yet they revile slavery. This is what they’ve been taught in our radical colleges. This is Obama’s ultimate utopia, and he wants to be the leader of this utopia. We have to kowtow to the left’s way of thinking or else Obama’s domestic army of drones will burn down our cities. We have to repent for past sins of our forefathers. I…don’t…think…so.

Trump needs to clean house again. He needs to get rid of Chris Wray and Dr. Fauci for starts. Then he needs to take a hard look at what Attorney General Barr is doing. Fauci suggested closing our country again for 111 days! What the heck? Haven’t heard a word from Barr since the laptop from hell became common knowledge at least on conservative tv and radio. You’d think Barr would be able to come to the mic against the big tech who are censoring news and lied under oath to congress. But we just hear crickets. For big tech to say that they are impartial doesn’t pass the smell test. Just the fact that the FBI held onto this laptop from hell all through Trump’s insidious impeachment really stinks to high hell. Heads need to roll in the FBI starting with Chris Wray.

If the Girl Scouts of America want to remain relevant, they need to retweet their original tweet. They need to show the leftist bullies what Girl Power looks like instead of behaving like school administrators which have surrendered to the left a long time ago.





4 thoughts on “The Left Wants their Voice to be the Norm…

  1. The left has this power because we gave it to them by not standing up the their petty bullshit. It’s going to be much harder to take it away from them than it was to allow it in the first place. We gave them inches, they took miles. 😦

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