Media Blackout of “Laptop From Hell.”

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What kind of a country blacks out a major bombshell story before an election? Why are social media and most newspapers and news networks censoring laptopgate except for New York Post and FOX News? Even NPR who we pay to stay in business has decided laptopgate is a waste of time. Who are they to decide what is news and what is not news?

Hunter’s former partner did a press conference denying all Joe’s denials and the other channels didn’t cover it. Joe claims he has not made one penny from foreign countries or had any knowledge of his son’s doings. Bobulinski says it’s an outright lie. “The Big Guy” gets half of whatever his son was able to extort like a mafia thug out other countries together with Biden’s brother Jim. Quite the sham they had running under everyone’s nose. Nancy says we need to vote for Biden to find out what his policies are, just like when we voted for the Obamacare bill. Hard pass.

Joe is a chronic serial liar. He has lied so much in his life, it is all he knows. Then he says “character is on the ballot?” That takes some big cojones to say that with a straight face. But that’s what sociopaths do. They lie with a straight face.

More to come. We’re running out of time.




5 thoughts on “Media Blackout of “Laptop From Hell.”

  1. There is a serial horror book or (gasp) wasteland drama in all this. Drama? Maybe comedy. Too absurd for the likes of Monty Python. Nah. As unbelievable as werewolves and vampires…


  2. Nobody would have ever known how corrupt Washington D.C., is, along with the main stream media, if Hillary would have won the last election. Who would have guessed the FBI would have actually planned a coup against a duly elected president? That’s Venezuela type stuff. The integrity of the United States Government has digressed to a shocking level. You can buy toothpaste that prevents tooth decay, term limits would prevent government decay. Kick out the lobbyists and start culling out the bureaucrats. Major house cleaning needs to be done immediately, across the board especially in the Pentagon.

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