Biden’s Silent Message at the Southern Border.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on

Biden tried to downplay why we are being flooded at the border by immigrants during his failed press conference, even trying to blame Trump’s policies. But no one fell for that. He then tried to say they are coming because “I’m a nice guy. They think I’m a nice guy.” But no one fell for that either, not even the fawning press. So he then played the humanitarian card by saying they are coming because of hurricanes, no street lights, failed crops, drought, climate change, and crime. Like we don’t have those problems here in the U.S.

But let’s get one thing clear: Biden doesn’t give a blip about these illegals but invited them to come and gave them 100 days, handed out Biden tee shirts, stopped the building of the wall, fired the border security committee, stopped Mexico from holding them, and promised them benefits once they get in! And the reason is: to get future Democrat voters into our country to outnumber Republican voters so the Dems can hold onto the White House for years, if not decades. And the press (even FOX) needs to stop pussy footing around this reason.

They want illegals to vote in our elections and will do anything possible to allow it by passing bills to not require voter ID or residency or citizenship and to allow same day registration, all at the peril of our safety and health. The means justifies the end, for Democrats. We know nothing about these invaders. Some are drug cartels, sex traffickers, criminals, MS-13, gang members, and, yes, even terrorists from Muslim countries that do not have respect for life. But most of them test positive for covid 19 and no one seems to care. They are super spreaders during the time of a pandemic. It is outrageous.

Biden lied when he said most of them are being sent back. They are being released into our country by “catch and release.” The children are being held in crowded makeshift quarters until they can find a place to send them. They will disperse them out across America based on where they need future voters. Notice they are sending them to red states. Not a coincidence. This practice will continue until the left grows some “you know what” and actually reports the truth.

But I won’t hold my breath because the left is the press and they want progressive, liberal green new steal policies and cancel culture to continue. In short, we’re screwed unless the Supreme Court finally steps in. We can’t trust the FBI, the National Guard, or even our military right now, as they have been emasculated by Biden’s new Secretary of Defense. All he cares about is weeding out Trump supporters and calling out racists. Wait until we are attacked by a foreign country or terror group, he will be caught with his pants down unprepared.

I am convinced the FBI is one of the most corrupt institutions in the U.S. They had over 50 warnings ahead of time that there would be violence at the capitol but ignored it. Why? Because they wanted to blame Trump. They held back Hunter Biden’s laptop for a year. Why? Because they wanted Biden to win. They treated Hillary with kid gloves when caught red-handed in a crime. Why? Because they wanted her to win. They held back information that would have ended the Mueller Probe from the onset. Why? Because they wanted to take out Trump i.e. they were in collusion with the Democrats.

Chris Wray needs to go, but notice how Biden has curiously kept him on? Why? Because he has always been a plant for the left. Remember when he reported that there was no evidence of widespread voter fraud? Please. Trump got played when he accepted the recommendation by Rosenstein of Chris Wray. Imagine how things would be different today if only Chris Wray was never appointed Director of the FBI. And what the hell happened to A.G. Barr? What a disappointment he turned out to be. He was all bark and no bite. Two of Trump’s biggest mistakes. I would have appointed Ted Cruz as Attorney General or even Jim Jordan. At least with them, you knew what you were gonna get. Love of country over self. And where’s the elusive Durham report? Anyone…anyone know?


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