If Requiring ID When Voting is Considered Racist…

Photo by Dom J on Pexels.com

by the Democrats; then I guess a doctor’s office is racist, a lawyer’s office is racist, the airlines is racist, a car rental office is racist, the bank is racist, a mortgage company is racist, the will call ticket booth is racist, a car dealership is racist, a casino is racist, the hospital is racist, the liquor store is racist, employers are racist, school registration is racist, the grocer is racist, the pharmacist is racist, and many more vendors too many to list. They’re all racists because they have the gall to ask us for our driver’s license! Shame on them! Outrageous!

But seriously now, how hard is it for an adult to get a driver’s license? I’ve had one since my sixteenth birthday, and I was just a naïve school girl wanting to drive my parents’ car. And they only had one car. Democrats are crying that Blacks don’t have the means or the capability to acquire an ID so, therefore, asking for one is racist. Are Blacks running around wondering where to obtain one? Is the left saying that they are a helpless race that can’t even figure that out? Do they really have a problem paying for the driver’s license when they own iPhones and Nikes? Come on, man! I hope not! Give them some credit. Give us some credit for knowing BS when we hear it. They know what the DMV is. They’ve come a long way over the years and we have to start treating them with respect.

Also, this nonsense in the Georgia bill that water and food will be handed out to voters while standing in a line is pure idiocy. We’re not helpless. We don’t need to mail in our ballots nor get them harvested nor be waited on while standing in line. We have legs or a car unless handicapped. What are we a bunch of snowflakes? To call a bill that insures “election integrity measures” in Georgia “racist” is absolute insanity.

The Democrat Party has jumped the shark with all this racist talk. People are sick of it, and it may backfire. Every time we turn on the news, we hear the word “racist” ad nauseum. They have cried wolf so many times about everything being racist except when there’s true racism. And, yes, it goes both ways. But this is Biden’s America. He is dividing us up into races and classes. Rich against poor; Blacks against Whites; liberals against conservatives. He is punishing the White race, especially if they were Trump supporters.

I’ve never lived in an atmosphere of so much insanity, divisiveness, and outright lies. Martin Luther King must be spinning in his grave for he famously said, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” The Democrats are stomping on King’s dream as everything is about color with them. Their latest is Asians being targeted by hate crimes. But truly it is Antifa and BLM targeting anyone that walks that isn’t Black not just Asians.

Now we have Fauci claiming that the best decision he ever made was to expedite the vaccines! Are you kidding me?! He totally was not the one who expedited the vaccines. It was Trump all day. Fauci is acting like he was the president. He was told to say this by Biden. Biden is telling his staff to lie to America to change history.

They are lying about conditions at the border, lying about taxes going up, lying about January 6th being an insurrection, lying by omission about Biden’s health, lying about Trump’s Warp Speed program, lying about China’s responsibility for spreading covid, lying about necessity for mask wearing, lying about school closures due to safety measures, lying about the violence caused by BLM and Antifa, lying about Trump supporters being white supremacists and an imminent threat, and lying about Voter ID being racist. If everything is racist then nothing is racist.

They’ve said some tv shows are racist or evidence of white privilege, some board games are racist, some songs are racist, some books are racist, some words are racist, some school names are racist, some statues are racist, reopening schools is racist, and we’ve had enough already. We can’t listen to it any longer. Next, “not wearing a mask” will be racist. Right now it is unpatriotic…wait for it. We’re over it.

The Democrats have given new definition to the word racist: anything or anyone that prevents or hinders someone from cheating, performing their obligated duties, or committing a crime. So locked doors are racist, burglar alarms are racist, security lights are racist, walls are racist, prisons are racist, ICE is racist, border control is racist, cops are racist, and voter ID is racist. But the security fence at the Capitol isn’t racist! Amazing how that works.

The real definition of racism is: belief in the superiority of one race over another; prejudice based on this. So the mayor of Oakland plans to send $500 a month to ONLY people of color making under a certain amount of money. Does she think Whites are superior over people of color and, therefore, do not need the extra money? Just asking. Would this be considered racism or reverse racism? Would Martin Luther King approve of this practice? I’m hearing crickets on this in the news. Crickets.


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