Wake Up Conservatives!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

You are not welcome on liberal social media if you post political messages. Don’t even try as you’ll get censored, banned, cancelled, or unfollowed. Social media should just be for sharing photos of your grandkids, vacations, or scenic pictures–not politics! Don’t even try. Leave it for our senators to attempt. They can’t even get their message out. These medias are programmed to red flag your conservative message and take it out. Welcome to Communist America.

An interview with President Trump got cancelled yesterday when Laura Trump put it on Instagram which is owned by Facebook. Waste of time. Put it on Fox Nation, Trump’s website, or Newsmax. Why even attempt to give Instagram the viewership? They don’t deserve it. The less we use social media, the more they will get hurt in the pocketbook. And if Trump is successful in starting up his own social media “Trumpet” to compete with Twitter, we can express ourselves on it.

There is too much to beef about daily and no form in which to beef. New York Times bans conservative comments in their comment section, Twitter cancels your account, and now Instagram. There isn’t much left. It is getting scary out there. It’s like half of America has become brainwashed by the Socialcrats as they walk around aimlessly covered in masks.

Have you noticed their masks are getting larger and covering more and more of their faces? What’s up with that? Are the women saving on makeup and men covering their five o’clock shadow? They are lazy. Pelosi’s masks are the worst. Whoever is making those for her needs to be fired. She looks like a clown. Masks are a form of control that the government wants to have over us. Yesterday Biden asked the states that have no mask mandate to reinstate the mandate. Nice try.

Let’s do Biden. This guy is weak, feeble, and incompetent and the world is witnessing it first hand. It is embarrassing. He won’t even throw out the opening pitch at the first baseball game. First time ever. Maybe he can send in a pinch pitcher like Fauci. What a failure that was. Biden lied that Georgia’s new election law closes the voting booths at 5 p.m. Even the Washington Post gave him four Pinocchios. Biden is a chronic liar and will turn around any story to make us look bad. He is actually trying to get rid of the Republican Party altogether so the Socialcrats have no competition the next go around.

We need to wake up. We are getting cancelled by social media, television, and by our Socialcrat friends. We don’t hear from them much anymore. Why is that? They are in a club that we are not welcome in and are being told to distance themselves from us. We are a bad influence on them so better not to socialize with us. Reminds us of grade school, right; when our parents told us not to hang out with that one kid in class that disrupted everything or persistently got in trouble. Now we are the troublemakers in their eyes and that kid is probably a grownup Socialcrat. And these Socialcrats are taking over everything from schools, to golf tournaments, to big corporations. Can you even believe the Masters may move their tournament from Georgia due to the governor’s election law which helps to improve voter integrity ? This makes me puke. But Nike and other liberal sponsors control sports now too. We are outnumbered.

Wake up Conservatives! Stand up for your rights when they are being infringed on. Speak out and let your voices be heard in the schools, the stores, the doctor’s office. Don’t let them snowplow us into the side of the road like roadkill. Don’t be mask-shamed if you are caught without your mask. Women in masks look submissive and men look emasculated. Tell them, if they say something to you. Maybe they’ll get the hint that they have been brainwashed. The more we speak up, the more we’ll get our message out. If showing ID is racist, I won’t show mine until they start to require ID at the voting booth. Right now we have no checks and balances in the government. The Socialcrats are calling all the shots. It’s a fixed game. They’ve got hand, like in Seinfeld.


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