Movie “The Hunt” Tells Us How Hollywood Really Feels–Target Conservatives.

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They hate conservatives and want to eliminate them.  What happens in this movie would be considered a hate crime if it were true. Hollywood can call this movie a satire but it shows how they really feel about conservatives. They have so much pent up anger for us like De Niro, Madonna, Depp, and Spielberg that they’re getting their kicks out of making a sick movie in which rich liberal elites are hunting down “deplorables.”

The left is supposed to be the party against guns, for peace, and for tolerance yet they continue to show us the complete opposite.  Imagine a conservative like Clint Eastwood producing a movie in which folks from Red States embarked on a mission to hunt down liberals and minorities for thrill shooting. I don’t think the script would get past the producers or investors desk. It would be thrown in the round file for being racist. Although a Black produced the movie Get Out which depicted Whites stealing Blacks for their bodies and putting their brains in them.  Totally racist movie but when a Black produces it, it’s okay. Blacks are allowed to be racist.

So why isn’t this move, “The Hunt,” called discriminating against White conservatives which is reverse racism. They’re hunting down Whites even though there are plenty of Black conservatives (but Hollywood won’t depict that.)  This movie should never be released as it could inspire some sickos out there to do just this–hunt down conservatives for thrill.

We already had the sicko that hunted down the GOP baseball players.  That was outrageous enough, but the GOP sort of downplayed it so as not to embarrass the Democrats.  And this is the result.  I swear whenever we let them off the hook, they come back and bite us in the a-s.  We can’t let them get away with this sh-t any longer.  They blame every shooting on the GOP or Trump; yet when it’s a clear ANTIFA guy in Daytona, they bury the story.

I’m sure only liberals will attend The Hunt and will cheer whenever a deplorable gets shot.  But they’re the villians in this movie and they won’t care.  They have crossed a sick line that allows them to be the villains for the betterment of society, culture, and climate change in their mind.  This is the only way this movie could have been conceived, let alone filmed. But this is how they think, and they’ve shown their true colors.

This movie could inspire violence against conservatives like they’re doing to Mitch McConnell right now.  They are threatening his life outside his home, and the police don’t arrest anyone.  And when McConnell puts the video on Twitter, the liberal Twitter bans HIM.  Wow!  Discrimination against conservatives.  Could you imagine a group of Tea Partiers protesting outside Obama’s home and Twitter banning Obama’s video of the protest?  I don’t think so. We’re allowing social media, the police, IRS, and Hollywood to partake in reverse discrimination without it being called out.

This movie is so sick I wonder if Hillary’s behind it.  Did she finance it?  Is this her first attempt at movie producing?  I wouldn’t be surprised if she is a silent investor.

If liberals can boycott companies that donate to Trump campaign and protest outside Mitch McConnell’s house, then conservatives can ban their hypocritical movies. The double standard and hypocrisy of the left is on full display these days.

#Banthehunt #liberalhypocrites #Reversediscrimination



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