Epstein’s Death: Suicide or Something More Sinister.

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I always thought that Epstein had a target on his back.  Dead man sitting.  All it takes is one dishonest guard and $1M to off Epstein. This has shades of DNC employee, Seth Rich’s sudden hit job or Jack Ruby’s death.  Epstein had a list of names of prominent men who went to Lolita Island with him.  Epstein was witness to what went on at this island. Maybe the list was in his head. Who knows now?  Seth Rich had knowledge to who hacked the DNC computers. Who knows now? Only Jack Ruby knew why he shot Oswald or who put him up to it. Who knows now?

Obviously Epstein didn’t want to spend the rest of his life in jail, but was a coward and probably couldn’t pull off suicide.  Someone got to him. When you know people in power, they will threaten to keep you quiet.  This guy was dead on arrival in jail. IMO.

Either he was jailed in the most incompetent, corrupt jail or there was a conspiracy to take him out or stage his death. He knew too much and too many people.  Too many lives would be ruined if the truth came out. With him dead, there will be no trial. Without a trial, the inculpatory evidence is just evidence not presented in a court of law. It will stay a “he said, she said” without a witness to corroborate either of them.  It will remain a flurry of rumors.

Let’s hope this investigation doesn’t get quashed like all the other suspicious murders connected to politicians.  Let’s hope someone in high authority doesn’t tell the police to “Stand down” like they did in Seth Rich’s murder. Conspiracy theories will be running rampant now, but for good reason.  We’ve just unfolded the biggest conspiracy in America’s history, the attempted taking out of a duly elected president by the FBI, CIA, and a former administration.  Nothing else can shock us.

What shocks me the most is that not one of FBI or CIA members involved in the attempted coup d’etat stood up and said, “This isn’t right.  I won’t be involved. This isn’t who we are.  This is illegal.  This is against our constitution.” But they didn’t, and that is disconcerting that so many could be complicit in a crime without any conscience. If the government could pull something like this off, what’s stopping them from staging Epstein’s death?  Did he really die or was it a photo op to look like he died?  Some say it was a mask made to look like him on the stretcher. Wonder if he got shipped off on a private plane out of the country? Wonder if prison officials are involved in a staged death?  Awfully coincidental that it happened the day after names of prominent men were released. If so, the swamp is deeper than we thought.

Conscience seems to be a thing of the past, at least for government and politicians.  Whoever, if ever, is involved in this latest murder, has no conscience either.  And if it really was a suicide, I say good riddance.  To his victims, I say, “Sorry he wasn’t brought to trial but we know he was guilty of at least sex with a minor.” We just don’t know who else is.  Who knows now? Another mystery for the history books, a great novel, and the makings of a blockbuster thriller.

Regardless of how he died, there are prominent men breathing a collective sigh of relief this morning. “Phew!” can be heard all around D.C. and NYC. IMO.


4 thoughts on “Epstein’s Death: Suicide or Something More Sinister.

  1. When you live in the stratospheric world of big money, and political power, you better not piss of the wrong people. They can make you disappear with no consequences. A lot of people around the Clintons have died mysterious deaths. When you have the power to pull the strings of law enforcement you can get away with murder. Look no further than Ted Kennedy. If your an average person traveling in those circles, you’re in dangerous waters, as Ted Kennedy’s girl friend found out. As you have seen over the past three years, there are people in the upper echelons of the FBI and CIA that are clearly going to get away with trying to trying to usurp the presidential election. They are going through the motions, but you and I both know in our heart of hearts, these people will never face any consequences for their actions. It’s all a sham. Very sad.


  2. I’m afraid the longer it is drawn out, statutes of limitations will come to play. But I am still hopefully optimistic that some of these characters will be perp walked like they did to Roger Stone. If Trump loses in 2020, however, it will be nothing more than a conspiracy by the far right wing like they said about Benghazi when Obama won second time.


  3. I believe that Seth Rich was the one that leaked the DNC stuff to Wikileaks, and it cost him his life. Don’t you think it odd that no one seems to be interested in any further investigation of who killed him or why? My wife says she wants to make it clear to everyone, that she knows absolutely nothing about the Clintons.


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