The Left Thinks Everything is Racist or Anti-Semitic. It’s NOT!

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Thank you Trump for exposing the elephant in the room which most people are afraid to say about the Jewish people.  Just because one wonders why the Jewish folks vote Democrat is not anti-semitic. We all wonder why!  It’s a mystery.

I have Jewish relatives and there’s no way they’d ever vote Republican.  They’ve been raised or taught in college that Republicans only care about money and ignore the poor.  My brother-in-law votes Democrat no matter who’s running.  He’d vote for Anthony Weiner over Trump if he was running.  Not kidding.

When asked why, he says because Democrats give us a safety net.  To him a safety net is government welfare, unemployment checks, and other policies that his family (I won’t even go there) takes advantage of which are unethical, if not illegal. The government allows these loopholes to remain for those who don’t want to work or are looking for ways to game the system.  Much like Elizabeth Warner did to get into the university of her choice.

But for the rest of the successful, hard-working Jewish citizens like my husband, they need to hear which party is looking out for Israel.  The Democrat Party is not.  The Democrats in power have shown support for Omar, AOC, and Rashida and they’re anti-semitic. I agree the Jewish are either uninformed or disloyal to Israel but will add one other choice. They are informed but turn a blind eye (willfully ignorant) due to their hate for Republicans which they were raised to hate. Sort of like a wife that turns a blind eye on her cheating husband for the love of family. Love and hate are strong motivators.

Hate is a strong drug. Almost like heroin.  Once you are hooked on it, it’s hard to get off. Trump could not have pointed this out any better.  Someone had to say it.  It’s the elephant in the room around family get togethers.  Thank you Trump now we don’t have to say it. But needless to say, the press, Democrats, and some Jewish will say it was anti-semitic.  Bull!  Sometimes the truth hurts.

Look at the FOX News Jewish guests they bring on like Geraldo or Alan Dershowitz.  They all still admit they voted for Hillary!  WHY in the world would a good lawyer vote for a corrupt candidate?  Why would they want to look ignorant on national television?  Because their hate for Republicans outweighs them looking ignorant. It baffles the normal thinking mind. Usually they’ll say, “Well, I’m Democrat and I always vote Democrat. I voted for Hillary.” And I cringe when they say it.

Jewish people are liberal first and then Jewish second.  They think Hitler was conservative; he was not. They think Republicans were behind slavery; they were not. They think Lincoln, who freed the slaves, was Democrat; he was not. But the schools have rewritten history.  And their parents have instilled similar ideas in their heads.

I asked my brother-in-law if he approved of Trump moving the U.S. Embassy into Jerusalem.  He pooh poohed it and said under his breath, “He upset Palestine.” It sounded like he cared more about the Palestinians than Israelis.  But this is how they think.  They’ll never give Trump, or any Republican for that matter, credit for anything good they accomplish.  It’s a lost cause.  And he doesn’t like Benjamin Netanyahu because he’s conservative.  Just like Obama doesn’t.

Nothing Trump says or does is racist or anti-semitic.  Sometimes telling the frank truth though may sound foreign to the press or to Democrats. They can’t handle the truth!  It’s understandable, as they lie for a living.  The truth is not anti-semitic or racist. It’s just the truth. And sometimes the truth is the elephant in the room that no one wants to address.  Except for Trump.

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