Why Are Liberals Sugarcoating Our Language? What’s Next?

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What are they trying to do by taking away words that we’ve used forever like felon, criminal, delinquent, girl, boy, and man? Is it an attempt to really make us all equal?  What’s next, babies aren’t called babies, they’re “recently born persons?”

Felons aren’t felons any longer and should be treated like the rest of the law abiding citizens?  If we’re all the same, then everyone gets to vote and no one gets deported?  I’m not sure where the left is going with this but it seems City Councils are the worst. They’re limiting what the prosecutors can do and now trying to change language making it even harder for the police and prosecutors to enforce the law. A repeat offender will be called a “previously justice-involved person?”

When will this crazy stop?  When they take over the White House again?  When they get their power back?  But in the meantime, everything goes to hell in a handbasket, whatever that means. They will continue to disrupt, resist, PC, protest, vandalize, use identity politics, slander, threaten, allow people to break laws like the homeless and protesters? How much more can we take?  It’s almost hard to listen to the latest crap they are pulling on us. Trump can’t stop all the City Councils from behaving lawlessly.  He’s trying to run a country, not cities.

The cities are corrupt.  They take in exorbitant property taxes and misuse them. They don’t do a thing to help the homeless like building public housing or placing portajohns on the streets for them.  All they do is hand out needles.  Needles are the answer to the homeless in their eyes. Then they hire workers to pick up the needles in the gutter.  It’s sick.  The city streets are hazardous to our health. Walk at your own risk.

They want to decriminalize everything from illegals entering our border to assaults on our police. They sugarcoat their crimes sort of like how Epstein was released from jail after his horrendous crimes.  Soon they’ll be abolishing prisons and jails with criminals running amuck all over the country.  They’re trying to turn our country into a third world lawless country–no laws, no cops, no banks, no jobs, no cars, no food, no water, no schools, no nothing. Everyone living in tents, growing and smoking hippie lettuce.

We have previously discussed how the effort to control language that has been prominent on college campuseshas now spread to city and state legislation like Berkeley getting rid of “manholes” in favor of “maintanence holes.” Now San Francisco has mandated that the use of felons, offender, and criminals is no longer correct. Instead, a convicted felon will now be referred to as a “justice-involved person” or “returning resident.” A juvenile “delinquent” will now be called a “young person impacted by the juvenile justice system.” Jonathan Turley

What’s next, changing the Criminal Justice major in college to Justice-Involved major? It’s getting out of control the way these city council “gals and guys” can have such control over language. They want open borders and they allow illegal felons to escape authorities. They’re lawless officials running cities probably on the take from God knows who (Soros). One councilboy yesterday proposed to abolish the pledge allegiance to the flag.  He said the flag has no significance.  Liberals fill these positions and have more power than we think. Isn’t this how Bernie got his start in politics at the city level?

To the city council “boys and girls:”  Clean up your city streets, do your job, and call a felon “a felon.”  Felons aren’t voting in our next election.  Sorry, nice try, but we won’t fall for your word trickery. Just because you can’t solve a problem, doesn’t mean you can rename it like Obama did with our “war against terror.”  He didn’t like admitting we were fighting terrorists so he renamed the problem to “overseas contingency plan.” Then he renamed a terror attack on soldiers at Ft. Hood “a workplace violence.”

Homeless are homeless, not temporarily displaced persons; Islamic terror is Islamic terror; manholes are manholes; and felons are felons–not justice-involved persons. So shut up and clean up your cities. Stop trying to sugarcoat our language, so you don’t have to do your job.


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