Kirsten Gillibrand was About as Dumb as Taylor Swift…Dumb and Dumber.

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Yet she was running for President!  The candidates are dropping like flies.  Kirsten was running on anti-white privilege, gender equality (like Taylor), rights for illegals,  #metoo movement, Trump-hate (like Taylor), women’s rights, abolishing ICE, climate change, and apparently the Clorox Company.  She’s obsessed with Clorox and may even bathe in it since she’s so pale or lent some to her buddy Hillary when she bleachbit her harddrive.  Who knows?

Hate to pick on Taylor Swift but she knows nothing about what she spiels and needs to shut her mouth.  Right up there with “the bartender” who we aren’t hearing about much lately except for her gaffe saying the youth of today are smarter.  The bartender makes more gaffes than Biden.  The bartender and Beto are Youtube sensations showing us “stupid people” how to fry a burger, boil water for noodles, go to the zoo, put together furniture–the simple things in life.  Wow, I can relate to them.  Not.

The candidates are beginning to drop like flies.  A couple of no-name governors, Swalwell, and now the opportunist, Kirsten.  The field is narrowing.  Pocahontas is getting higher on the “totem pole” as she gets angier by the day. (Her fans love that about her.)  Crazy Bernie is hanging in there as well as poor Biden.  He’s not sure what country he’s in now, but he knows it’s suffering from climate change and needs a new soul.

There’s rumors that Hillary is lurking in the wings which even has me shocked.  How can she show her face again after putting the country through the biggest political scandal in U. S. history?  It baffles me. And with their ties to Epstein? But she has been bit by the presidential bug and can’t seem to shake it off.  Here’s a ticket:  Hillary/Michelle.  Yuck. Don’t make me sick.

We’ll see how it pans out.  Bye bye Kirsten.  Your squeaky voice will be missed by all. Maybe you can be a voice actor for cartoon characters.  We’ll miss your disparaging remarks about Trump.  That’s about all you had. But you and Taylor are making blondes look worse. And Taylor, whether you endorsed Hillary or not would not have made a hill of beans difference.  Get over yourself.  We don’t take advice from a pop star.

Send in the next challenger. Will it be a RINO/Never Trumper like Kasich?  Romney again? Or the Appalachian trail guy that cheated on his wife?  Really?  People have no shame these days.

The Democrat candidates don’t seem to have the “normal” box checked for us. Yet lately they are trying to portray Trump as mentally ill?  When all else fails, try the 25th Amendment…again! They have all the identity politics boxes checked. Trump is taking them out one by one and hasn’t even started yet.  How’s that for mental sharpness?  Get out the Jiffy Pop.

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