Will McCabe Be the Sacrificial Lamb?

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Comey gets off on leaking government memos to the press and has the gall to ask everyone to apologize for “lying about him.”  Boo hoo.  Poor guy.  We won’t apologize, as he broke many FBI rules and conduct, if not the law.  They’re waiting to get him on something bigger, possibly the fraud put on the FISA Court to spy on the Trump campaign that he signed off on.  Save your request for an apology, Comey. You were a dirty, corrupted top cop.  You ain’t going to get one and have a nerve asking for one.  For the DOJ choosing not to indict you on these crimes, does not exonerate you. But you’ve set yourself up for a job at CNN!

Is this an example of our two-tiered justice system?  One for the well-connected, Hillary cronies, Deep State, Democrat politicians, D.C. Swamp, and FBI cronies; and the other for the rest of us schmucks?  Why is it only conservatives get indicted these days?  And when finally a known Democrat donor gets indicted (Epstein), he dies in jail along with his secrets?  Next Weinstein will be getting off, as he is well-connected like Smollett was. All these cases are intertwined somehow to the biggest conspiracy in modern day history. Everyone’s covering for everyone.  Wouldn’t be surprised if the college cheating scandal is connected to this too.  One of the named teachers was friends with the Obamas. These moms will get off too.  😦

Is AG Barr taking orders from new FBI Director, Chris Wray, a known buddy of Comey?  How is it everyone is buddies with Comey?  I remember when Comey said underoath that the only thing he really cares about is his wife and family.  Unfortunately, his wife and girls were big Hillary supporters, and he may’ve been working for his family over the country.  His wife still loves him for letting Hillary off.

How is it that when a traffic cop pulls over my “white” sons he never “chooses” not to give them a ticket for speeding?  How is that?  Kirsten Gillibrand thinks only drivers of color get pulled over.  But that’s silly.  People of all color get pulled over and never does the cop say, “I choose not to ticket you.”  Never happens to the rest of us schmucks.

But in the world of politics, the DOJ chooses not to indict.  What a wonderful life these upper echelon live–always getting off after committing crimes that any of us would have the book thrown at us.  Destroying subpoenaed evidence? No problemo.  There was no intent to destroy evidence.  Leaking government memos? No problemo. There wasn’t anything that classified in them.  Framing the President with a Russian Collusion Hoax? No problemo. No concrete evidence that this was their intent. They were just secretly protecting the President from Russian inference.  (Hope this won’t be the outcome.) Submitting unverified evidence to the FISA Court? No problemo.  No one reads all the evidence before signing the application. No intent to mislead the Court. 

I’m getting worried that this is a trend.  Someone has to be held accountable for the attempted coup on taking out the president; otherwise, a dangerous precedent has been set.  I hope McCabe will, at least, get indicted for his part in the Insurance Plan if only as a sacrificial lamb.  I’ll take it.

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