Joe’s Conflated Fish Story is More Suited for “Saving Private Ryan” Than Saving VP Biden.

person holding small fish
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Not only does Joe put himself in dangerous situations where he wasn’t (like Brian Williams), but he also embellishes like Hillary did dodging incoming sniper fire when she exited a helicopter.  What is it with these lying Democrats?  Can’t they tell a true story?  Do they have to add exciting drama to make themselves look tough?  Or is their real life so boring, no one would vote for them? That’s a rhetorical question.

Biden’s story, that he swore to recently, was so contrived and conflated that it had WAPO calling him out.  Then he asks, “What did I say wrong?  I told a story about a real hero.”  Yes, but he put himself (as VP when he was Senator) into a story Williamsesque making it sound current and that he risked his life to pin a metal on a soldier.  It sounded so dramatic, if not angry, like he was auditioning for a part in Saving Private Ryan. When he emphasized what the soldier said, “Please, sir! He died!  Do not pin it on me, sir!”  it was reminiscent to how Trump imitates soldiers at his rallies. Taking a page out of the Trump playbook much, Biden?

This recent episode clearly points out that the man is either dishonest and clearly unoriginal or does not have a grasp on reality.  Or both. He was once accused of plagiarism, so there’s that.  When will the Democrats let him go?  After the next debate?  He won’t stand a chance now against any of his challengers as he stumbles through one attack after another.  It will be like dodging incoming sniper fire from them.  Hope he can handle the drama.  Maybe he can imitate Trump again and take them out.



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