Biggest Threat to America’s Future: Gen Z, the Snowflake Generation.

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They’ll soon be our biggest threat to America aside from nuclear war and Radical Islamic Terror. They’re threatening us right now by forcing their beliefs on us.  They’ve been brainwashed from grade school on with the Global Warming Fear started by Al Gore.  But it has gotten worse since AOC, Beto, Yang, Warren, and Bernie Sanders.  Once these Gen Z kids are in the workplace and government jobs, no telling what Strange New World we’ll be forced to live in, if we’re still alive.

When I saw them collectively leaving school last week to protest in the streets with Climate Change signs, I said, “This is it.  We’re doomed.”  The teachers are condoning this as well as the liberal school systems. How can you change the minds of millions of children that have been hearing this nonsense since 2004?  It’s hard.  They hear that the world will come to an end in twelve years from some politicians, some scientists, and their teachers and that’s all they know.  They’re convinced.

“As it is now, people in general don’t seem to be very aware of the actual science and how serious this crisis is,” she said to the scattered lawmakers and dozens of cameras at the hearing this week. “I think we need to inform them and start treating the crisis like the existential threat it is,” says Greta Thunberg from Sweden, the child activist who went to Congress.

We have to listen to a sixteen year old about our climate? She should be taking driver’s education or going to her first prom, not lecturing Americans on our climate.  She goes on to say that she’s depressed because adults aren’t taking this crisis seriously enough implying that we don’t care about future generations.  I take umbrage with that as the whole reason we’re fighting against radical liberalism is for our grandchildren’s future. “Stay in school, kid!”

Our generation survived two World Wars and Vietnam War with air raid drills.

If you went to public school in America in the 1960’s, you may remember the mandatory air raid drills conducted in preparation for being bombed by the Soviet Union. Much like a modern-day fire drill or dangerous intruder drill, some sort of siren or warning would sound putting us on notice that danger was imminent… or at least possible. We needed to be prepared!   Groovy News

But we never resorted to thinking that the world will come to an end soon like Gen Z is doing.

Who’s putting all this fear in our children aside from the schools, entertainment industry, and politicians?  Some don’t wish to have babies now for fear of bringing them into an apocalyptic world.  How do we convince these poor brainwashed kids that the sky isn’t falling and that they can procreate again?  Their parents may be part of it and therein lies part of the problem.

In American slang Generation Z may be referred to as Generation Snowflake. According to a 2016 article by Helen Rumbelow published in The Australian: “The term ‘generation snowflake’ started in the United States. Parents cherished their offspring as ‘precious little snowflakes’, each alike but unique, or ‘everyone is special’.”[20] Claire Fox argues recent parenting philosophy led to parenting methods which “denied resilience-building freedoms that past generations enjoyed”.[21] The term “snowflake generation” was one of Collins Dictionary‘s 2016 words of the year. Collins defines the term as “the young adults of the 2010s, viewed as being less resilient and more prone to taking offence than previous generations” Wikipedia.

I call them the Participation Trophy Generation as they all got a trophy no matter how they played the sport. Another bad idea with unintended consequences like vaping.

I’m already hearing some millennials saying they don’t want to marry or have children.  Without going into why, I assume it could be for financial reasons but never thought it was for fear of the oceans rising.  They weren’t exposed as much to the climate change fears, so hopefully they’ll come to their senses when they find Mr. or Mrs. Right; otherwise, our population will decline drastically except for the invasion of illegals at our borders. Ugh!

I don’t want these apocalyptic radical snowflakes ruining our country.  They’re scary.  The biggest threat to America as I see it today: Generation Z unless they come to their senses. My advice to all of these climate-change Gen Z’s:  “Snap out of it!” as Cher said in Moonstruck.




8 thoughts on “Biggest Threat to America’s Future: Gen Z, the Snowflake Generation.

  1. Thought-provoking read. I’m wondering if you have concrete examples as to how this “nonsense” began precisely in 2004? Or how many millennials have told you they don’t want to have children because of rising sea levels? These again strike me as more blanket statements that your followers will rally behind instead of anecdote based on your actual experience. Hey I’m a millennial and no doubt that I may be guilty of taking the climate crisis too seriously. At the same time, I think we can strike a balance between climate awareness and satisfying our daily duties. I imagine Greta Thunberg and others who are passionate on the subject can still manage to squeeze out some time to take a driver’s test and “stay in school.” I could be wrong. But from my vantage point, I’m continuously trying to find a way to supplement my social cause activities with school, a full-time job, church activities, and community service. I’d love to speak more on this subject if you’d be willing to entertain a conversation. Thanks!



    1. My sons are millennials and all three want children, one has two already. Two are married. I’m defending millennials as having a better sense of common sense. It’s the Gen Z I’m afraid of. 2004 was around the time Al Gore’s movie started playing in colleges. AOC and her followers are saying they don’t want to bring children up in this world which is dying in twelve years. These Gen Z’ers hear this nonsense and it spreads. Personally I only know one twenty something that says she doesn’t need to be married or have children. And that men don’t contribute to the family, and yet she has a boyfriend. Go figure. I’ve seen others being interviewed on tv. I think it is a defense mechanism as to why they aren’t married. But, seriously, if girls stop getting married and having children, what will become of our future generations? They will dwindle. Keep in mind some of my comments are facetious not to be taken literally, like the prom etc. For all I know kids don’t do proms any longer. I wish the teachers of today weren’t so political. My generation never had teachers bad mouthing our presidents. What gets said in school, does not stay in school. Welcome back.


      1. Ah, I think I’d conflated millennials with Gen Z thinking they were the same. My bad. As a millennial who is unmarried with no kids (and always looking for excuses as to why I’m single lol) I’m pretty out of touch with primary education. So I can’t really refute your point about politically-infused educational settings. I get the irony over the prom comment and such, and don’t disagree with you, especially if fear is being perpetuated in schools, that there’s a degree of overreach. I guess I’d just argue that students and adults alike should be free to speak on issues in which they feel passionate. It’s all about balance. Even blogging could be viewed as activism, right? I think by those standards, one could argue you and I should be working instead of writing. That’s all I was trying to say there.
        All that notwithstanding, I’m curious as to where you fall on the continuum of climate change. Are you closer to “it’s all a farce,” “we’re doomed in ten years,” or somewhere in between?


  2. We all need to do our part with recycling, driving less, running the water less, not littering, planting trees (I’ve planted around 80) to reduce air pollution. Maybe someone can come up with an air recycling vacuum to put next to a cattle ranch. But air pollution was actually worse in the 70’s before we started fining factories and reducing auto emissions with the smog check. I won’t protest for nothing though and some of these protesters are the worst offenders of our planet, I suspect. They should volunteer to plant some trees in a burn area rather than protest in the streets? Just saying.

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  3. Quite possibly so. I remember the backlash from the summit in Davos when executives flew their corporate jets to discuss climate action and so forth. I’m similar to you in the sense that I try and play my part when it comes to environmental awareness, but I think that radical measures like the Green New Deal and the like are a tad egregious.

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