What Do “So Called” Whistleblower and Blasey Ford Have in Common?

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Aside from the obvious that they’re both unhinged, weren’t you having a feeling of deja vu when this story broke?  Didn’t you say to yourself, “I’ve heard something like this before.” Notwithstanding that they both want to bring down our president, here’s what else these two clowns have in common:

  1. They both sent a letter composed by a lawyer/s to a member of congress (Schiff and Feinstein), and congress held it for the optimum time to be released.
  2. They both have been portrayed in the press as honest, forthright individuals just doing their civic duty for their country.
  3. They both have lawyers working for them that used to be connected with the Clintons. Red flag alert.
  4. They both have sketchy memories of what they reported. Ford can’t remember where it occurred and Whistleblower’s story was hearsay from others so no memory.
  5. They both requested anonymity.
  6. Ford got a Gofundme account soon afterwards.  We’ll see if W does the same.(Update: He/she already got one and has raised $100,000.  Crime does pay.)
  7. We don’t know the gender of the Whistleblower, but I suspect it’s female.
  8. They both have the Democrats and the media defending them and making them the darlings of the press.
  9. Both of their stories are “nothing burgers” as the president is allowed “by treaty with Ukraine” to request information on citizens that may be committing crimes in their country (no one is above the law, not even a former VP) and Kavanaugh’s story was contrived by a political activist and her friend.
  10. Both will turn out to be political activists against Trump, big time.
  11. Both will have scrubbed their social media accounts.
  12. Both should be behind bars for filing a false claim.
  13. Both are willing to lie to congress and should be held accountable.

I suspect Hillary and Soros et al are sending out messages to anyone to come forward with dirt on Trump in exchange for $$$’s.  There’s a law firm offering money in exchange for whistleblowers to come forward.  Isn’t it curious that weeks before the whistleblower blew or whistled , the top of the whistleblower form where is used to say “Must be first hand knowledge” was conveniently removed.  I smell a rat.  This was a setup from the get go. The whistleblower was recruited and paid well by his handlers. These Democrats are unhinged.

The left is trying to bury the news about Biden saying he was cleared.  Cleared by whom?  It’s laughable.  It was never brought up by the fake news mob so why would he be cleared?  Biden has been exposed for being crooked.  This whistleblower hurts Biden more than Trump.   And for Biden to say his son did nothing wrong and he hasn’t talked to his son about his job in Ukraine is also laughable.  Biden got his son the job!  If the left can’t see how that looks in their peabrains, God help them.

The left is blinded by crazy hate for Trump.  They’ll do and say anything to bring him down. Everything they’ve already done, they accuse Trump of doing.  Lies, lies, and more lies. They’re even trying to tie Russia collusion to Ukraine and implicate Trump again. Way to take the focus off of Biden.

Doug Collins said. “The real danger here is that Democrats keep using baseless accusations in hopes of crippling a successful presidency.”Nwo Report

Please get me off this crazy train that goes in circles, before the wheels fall off.

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Photo by Felix Mittermeier on Pexels.com

2 thoughts on “What Do “So Called” Whistleblower and Blasey Ford Have in Common?

  1. Your analogy was spot on, a toy train going around a circular track never going anywhere, always ending up in the same place. That describes the Democrat Congress perfectly. Good read.


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