Ellen’s Sudden “Can’t We All Get Along” is Too Little…Too Late.

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I smell a rat. She’s had nothing but anti-Trump guests on her show for years ridiculing Trump and, yes, his policies.  She’s a one-man The View. For her to say we don’t have to agree on policy but still respect each other is laughable.  Give me a break!  She’s probably hanging with Bush because he’s been a Nevertrumper ever since JEB lost. 

It’s not that she’s become open-minded all of a sudden.  They have a common interest: hate for Trump. They must have been sharing Trump jabs and laughs.  I don’t see ‘hope’ for both parties in them sitting together.  What’s next giving Ellen the Nobel Peace Prize?  I ain’t buying this unorthodox lovefest.  I think it’s very orthodox. 

When’s the last time Ellen had a Republican on her show?  When’s the last time she had a Republican candidate for president on her show?  Did she invite Trump, Melania, or Bush on her show?  We know she had Michelle and Barack on her show. For her to have a sudden “can’t we all just get along moment” is phony.  For her to say she’s friends with lots of people with different political views is doubtful. She’s not open to conservative views.  She won’t even allow them on her show.  She needs to get over herself.  She’s right up there with Colbert, Maher, and Kimmel with her Trump-hating guests. 

Democrat friends of mine who used to hate Bush are suddenly saying nice things about him to me.  I know where this is coming from.  Bush hasn’t said one nice thing about Trump nor come to his defense since he took office.  This is why they like him now: silent on Obama and critical of Trump. Cheney has been nicer to Trump.

Bush wishes he could have accomplished as much as Trump has done in three years to his eight years.  I smell a rat.  Bush is cozying up to Democrats and liberals, why?  Is there another clandestine plan to take out Trump at the last minute by a Nevertrumper? Are they going to throw in JEB, Paul Ryan, or Kasich to take credit for all the good Trump has done?  Something’s up.

Stay tuned.


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