Impeachment Threat is Just Kabuki Theater.

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Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi.

Kabuki is a form of classical theater in Japan known for its elaborate costumes and dynamic acting. The phrases Kabuki theaterkabuki dance, or kabuki play are sometimes used in political discourse to describe an event characterized more by showmanship than by content. Pop Culture Dic.

All theatrics and drama, no content.  They need to put up or shut up. Or in Texan terms, all hat, no cattle.

All hat, no cattle” A traditional Texas putdown refers to someone who is all talk with no action, power, or substance behind his/her words.  The Daily Meal.

Pelosi and Schiff do not have the courage to take a vote in the House for impeachment because it will hurt some of their members in Red States; so, therefore, it’s dead before it begins. It’s just political posturing to bring Trump’s ratings down before the election.  They’ll try to drag it out as long as possible, but Trump is calling their bluff by not cooperating with their subpoenas.  Without a vote in the House, they don’t deserve sh-t from the White House.  They have the media in lockstep spreading the impeachment threat together with the candidates.  Even Quid Pro Joe spoke out yesterday:

  “To preserve our Constitution, our democracy, our basic integrity, he should be impeached,” the former vice president told supporters here, accusing Mr. Trump of having “betrayed this nation.”NYT

That’s rich that Biden is trying to protect our constitution, our democracy, and integrity–all things he has ignored when being VP.  Then Joe, who’s dropping like a lead balloon in the polls, had to say, “He picked a fight with the wrong guy.”  No he hasn’t.  You’ll be the easiest to beat. Quid Pro Joe is trying to look like a tough, mafia guy.

One of the candidates is behind the whistleblower conjob; it’ll come out soon.  I suspect Pinocchio Pocahontas, who recently met with another liar Hillary, may have come up with the whistleblower-conjob to take out Biden and Trump in one full sweep. But it has hurt Biden more, so Pelosi had to come to Biden’s rescue with the threat of Trump’s impeachment.

They’re all a bunch of corrupt politicians.  Biden is dripping in corruption back to when he was senator.  He has lined his pockets in dirty money while pretending to be for the working man.  Bull.  Biden’s position is always for sale just like Hillary’s was.  For Hillary to lie recently on camera saying her emails weren’t under subpoena and she beat Trump was gobsmacking.  Has she lost all her marbles, if she had any?

Not sure about this poll that says the people want to impeach and remove Trump.  No one called me.  Who are they calling, millennials?  I think they need to reconsider the method used in polling.  It’s not working.

I notice Clapper and Susan Rice are beginning to sing like canaries against Obama and Hillary.  Clapper saying he was just doing what his leader told him to do and Rice saying they used her to go on the talk shows and lie.  I guess those two can see the writing on the wall that A.G.Barr is coming in hot, and they better start singing or else.  Sing away you two conspirators. It always goes to the top, as the buck stops there. But we already knew that.  Enjoy that hilltop, coastal estate while you can Obama.  Much prettier than Gitmo.


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