When Ukraine Is Not Enough.

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Pelosi is already backpedaling from Ukraine as the reason for the season. The season of “treason and high crimes and misdemeanors” i.e. Impeachment of Trump. She gave a dog whistle to her drones to find something else on Trump because this Ukraine conversation is starting to turn into a big nothing burger.

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Tim Morrison, National Security Council’s testimony stuck a pin in the whole he was trying to dig up dirt on Biden theory.  Morrison made it clear that he heard nothing illegal in the whole conversation. So again the Democrats have failed and the reason for the impeachment is looking very thin. The Democrats in the House stand to have so much egg on their faces or meals of crow by the time this if over, they’ll be a shortage of eggs and crows.

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Pelosi comes out with a statement that we may be impeaching for more than just holding back federal money in exchange for dirt on a political opponent.  There may be more.  (“Please, find me something else: a rape charge, an affair in the oval office, tax evasion, a binder of models, cutting a kid’s hair in high school, anything.  I’ll even take a dog on the roof at this point.  It worked before.  Why not now?”)

Because Trump stands up for himself, unlike Romney who took the lies and let them lie there and ferment until election day.  The people believed what Harry Reid swore to about him–that he hadn’t paid taxes in ten years.  He was lying, when lying wasn’t cool. Now it seems to be the trend in the Democrat party.  Romney is getting tough now but on the wrong person.  Too little, too late, Rom.

Pelosi wants to go back to the Mueller Report and reinvestigate for possible “obstruction of justice.”  If that’s the well you’re going back to, good luck.  That was nothing more than a bunch of gossip regarding Trump’s rallies and his tongue in cheek comments.  Done and done, already.  That well has run dry. The whistleblower is a millennial political hack, an Obama holdover, planted by Schiff, Brennan, and Biden.  Definitely a premeditated, orchestrated attack on Trump.

What if Ukraine is not enough?  (“Dig up something more, before it’s too late!  Make it look believable, the media will back us up.  They always do.”)

It should be an interesting next few months leading up to the primaries.  Beto dropped out today.  He knew he was done a while ago but hung in there. Pocahontas came out with her plan to pay for “medicare for all” that doesn’t pass the economic smell test.  None of the leaders in the polls will be on the ticket unless it’s for VP.  The Democrats will have to throw in someone else soon as they know Trump can beat them all “like a drum.” Hillary is biting at the bit to run again but the party is discouraging her. Michelle is waiting in the wings and the party wants her if the impeachment plan fizzles out, which it’s starting to look like.

But the Barr Team Report will stand to throw a stick in the spokes of all their wheels.

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