The Deep State Admits it Exists…Finally!

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And they thanked God for it.  Like sneaky raccoons, former CIA Directors McLaughlin and Brennan, essentially admitted on CSPAN that they spied on the Trump Campaign by saying, “Thank God for the Deep State!” and the audience roared. The left media has been saying the Deep State was a FOX News conspiracy theory for three years.  Thank God they finally admit to their underhanded infiltration, spying, leaking, and setting up a coup to take out our sitting president!

They are incorrigible to sit there and admit this to an applauding audience.  Who the hell is in their audience that would condone this illegal soviet-style action by our government?  Who are these people?  We can’t call them Deplorables as that word has been taken.  I’d like to call them The Gullibles.  How gullible and lawless are these people to condone this?  Why do they applaud lying criminals?  Since when are criminals better than hard working honest folks who support Trump or as Hillary calls them deplorables?

Personally I think these CIA agents have nothing to lose as their jig is up.  Now they want to become leftist martres to the liberals. They are in Deep Shit up to their eyeballs to admit that there is a Deep State set up by Obama.  Obama always called it a foolish thought invented by paranoid Republicans.  Well, I guess Obama was wrong again or just lying again.

Wonder if the Republicans in power had taken it upon themselves to reverse the results of an election due to the fact that The People voted a radical into the highest office?  After all, Obama began his quest for the presidency in the home of a unrepentant terrorist that sympathized with the 9-11 terror attack.  Amazing that we’d vote a guy like this for president. And his wife who is dearly beloved still, said the first time she was proud of her country was when they voted her husband as president.  Really?  She had a radical past as well.

When the media asked Obama about this terrorist friend of his he answered, “He’s just a guy in the neighborhood.” They never asked again. That was enough explanation for the leftist media. Obama was never vetted properly and we were all worried when he won. I suspect he was chosen, groomed, and planted by none other than George Soros. And look what he left us with–a Deep State that is so enmeshed into our government and brainwashed in liberal-run universities like this whistleblower, it will take years to sniff them all out. I’d give each and everyone of them a polygraph test to see if they are spies, leakers, or Obama holdovers.  I hope Trump has fired that elitist, millennial whistleblower’s ass already.  Trump needs five more years to filter out all the swamp dwellers. 

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Those two crooked CIA creeps might be thanking God for the Deep State, but I’m thanking God for Trump and the Barr Team which is beginning to bring to the surface all the swamp dwellers. 


One thought on “The Deep State Admits it Exists…Finally!

  1. The Communist democrats and deep state are convulsing in fear. My guess is that Durham will be prosecuting many Democrat and a few rino deep state traitors. With President Trump, We the People are slowly taking back OUR COUNTRY. The “elite” political class degenerates can GFTS in the harshest way possible. GITMO should be the repository of ALL THE RUSSIAN COLLUSION DELUSION COUP CRIMINALS.


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